WTF?! Human Smuggler GROWLS at Border Patrol Agents Detaining Her (VIDEO)


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Gateway Pundit — A woman arrested for human smuggling in Carrizo Springs, Texas last week growled at Border Patrol agents as they detained her.

Some observers pointed out that the smugglers are coached and told to act crazy if they get arrested so they can go for an insanity defense.


Border Patrol agents encountered nearly 2 million illegal aliens in 2021 thanks to Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

“Large smuggling operations are abandoning migrants in dangerous situations at an alarming rate. In fiscal 2021, the border patrol rescued 12,877 migrants in the southwest border regions, compared to around 5,000 in previous years. Last week, the border patrol rescued 25 undocumented migrants who had been left in a locked trailer with no way to escape.” The Hill reported.

Joe Biden’s open borders policies are deadly.

55 people died and more than 100 were injured after a tractor-trailer smuggling migrants from Guatemala, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Honduras crashed into a bridge and flipped over in December.

The truck was smuggling about 250 migrants when it crashed into a bridge in southern Mexico and flipped over.

Last March, an SUV with about two dozen people crammed in it that was involved in a horrific crash with a tractor-trailer in Holtville, California that killed over a dozen people was also part of a cross-border smuggling operation according to sources within Customs and Border Patrol.

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