Two Robbers Steal $35k of Electronics from California Apple Store as Employees Look On

robbery at a palo alto apple store by two men

NOTE: Our publication is reporting this event as a “robbery” due to a reported threat of general violence. Some outlets are reporting this as a “theft”, indicating no implied or explicit physical harm. This will be updated if future more clarifying information is offered. PALO ALTO, CA – Two individuals were caught on video stealing […]

Pedophiles Released from Prison EARLY Due to Lax California Crime Laws

exterior of california prison

Thousands of convicted pedophiles in California are being released from prison in under a year, according to a groundbreaking investigative report from the Daily Mail. Governor Gavin Newsom (and possible 2024 presidential contender) is directly responsible for the policies leading to the release of pedophiles, according to a former LA district attorney. Reporters at the […]

California Energy Grid Faces IMMINENT BLACKOUTS

gas generator charges a tesla in a California driveway

Last night, California issued a Level 3 energy emergency alert, saying energy blackouts are “imminent” or “in progress” per Fox LA reporting.  At 5:49 pm local time, Fox reporter Bill Melugin tweeted that California grid operations issued an emergency alert on mobile devices to alert citizens over the matter.  Rogue Review has obtained a screenshot […]

“Don’t Let Idaho Turn Into California” (VIDEO)

don't let idaho turn into california tv screenshot

The last two years have seen massive amounts of state-to-state migration between liberal coastal states like California and New York into interior red states.  Some of these migrants are conservative, looking for a more sane life away from mandatory vaccinations, suffocating masks, high taxes, brutal crime, and insane gas prices. But others are liberal and […]

CLIP: Maxine Waters Laughs At Homeless People, Tells Them to “Go Home”

maxine waters laughing at homeless

Liberal career politician Maxine Waters, who is worth over $2 million, was recently caught on tape telling homeless people to “go home” while laughing in their faces. WATCH: According to the New York Post, Waters is under fire for misleading the homeless of her district and then threatening the journalist who uncovered her scandal. On […]

BREAKING: Democratic Congressman Had Restraining Order Against Him… By His Own Mother

The Rogue Review has a BREAKING and EXCLUSIVE investigatory piece. Congressman Harley Rouda, who is the current Representative from California’s 48th Congressional District has a restraining order against him that was filed by his mother in 2011, which we here at the Rogue Review were able to obtain. According to newly obtained court documents, in […]