Six MORE Classified Documents Found At Biden’s Delaware Home

biden looking angry at white house

Federal investigators found six more classified documents over the weekend while searching President Joe Biden’s Delaware beach home, according to sources familiar with the ongoing situation. According to the New York Post, the latest search of Biden’s Delaware home lasted 13 hours.  The news broke late Saturday night with multiple news outlets reporting that six […]

Biden Swaps Russian Arms Dealer for WNBA Player, Leaves Marine Behind

Thursday morning, President Joe Biden announced the administration has successfully swapped Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, nicknamed the ‘Merchant of Death,’ for American WNBA basketball player, Brittney Griner. Griner, an outspoken critic of America and its national anthem, is now back in the states after a 10-month stint in a Russian penal colony after being […]

Joe Biden Claims He Attended a Historically Black College (He Didn’t)

joe biden says he attended an hbcu

While campaigning for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist in Miami-Dade County, FL, President Joe Biden claimed he attended an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) – but he never did. In the video, Biden claims to have attended Delaware State University, which is an HBCU located in Dover, Delaware. This is false. Joe Biden actually […]

Biden Comments on Age: “Am I Slowing Up? … The New 70 is 50”

biden comments on his age during msnbc interview

President Joe Biden commented on his age in an MSNBC exclusive interview over the weekend – challenging opponents who doubt his ability to “vote against” him.  During The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart, Biden was asked by the host, “so, let’s say Trump doesn’t run again, convince Aunt Gloria that she should stick with you.” […]

Biden Tells Audience He Was Raised in Puerto Rican Community

biden says he was raised in puerto rican community

President Joe Biden suggested he was raised in a Puerto Rican community, adding the qualifier “politically” to the end of his statement – leading many viewers scratching their heads as to the true meaning of his assertation.  Biden was delivering an address to a hurricane-impacted community in Puerto Rico on Monday. Trying to connect with […]

Biden Tells Florida Residents to Prepare for Hurricane by “Getting Vaccinated”

biden tells floridians to prepare for hurricane by getting vaccinated

While many residents of Florida have shuttered their homes with plywood, stocked up on water and evacuated their neighborhoods – President Joe Biden is telling Floridians to “get vaccinated” for the hurricane.   In an address to the American people, Biden spoke from prepared notes in a three ring binder:  “Let me be clear: if you […]

Biden Wanders Around On Stage… Where is He Going?

biden wanders on stage at the seventh global fund event

President Biden wandered on stage, seemingly looking off into space and reaching for something in his pocket that wasn’t there at a recent event.  On Wednesday, Biden was speaking at the Global Fund’s seventh annual “replenishment” conference in New York City. The scope of the event is a donor pledging session to fight AIDS, Malaria, […]

Fox Interrupts Biden’s Speech for a “Hard, Cold Dose of Reality”

Tuesday, Joe Biden delivered a speech celebrating his administration’s biggest legislative victory yet, the signing of the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Biden also suggested inflation is lifting and the economy is getting back on track, but an unfortunately-timed fall in the stock market ruined Biden’s shining moment on TV. Across news networks, a stock market ticker […]