REPORT: FBI Conducted 3.4 MILLION Warrantless Searches on Americans

A new report recently released by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that the FBI may have improperly conducted searches on the data of 3.4 million U.S citizens without their knowledge or consent.  The news, which was released on Friday, coincided with an annually-issued report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. While […]

Biden Admin Creating “Ministry of Truth” to Combat ‘Disinformation’ Headed by RADICAL Anti-Trump Leftist (DETAILS)

biden frowing at camera; announcing ministry of truth

President Joe Biden’s administration is creating a “disinformation board” to combat “misinformation” that ‘threatens America’ on issues including migrants and Ukraine. The new department will be part of the federal Department of Homeland Security and will be headed by “Russian expert” Nina Jankowicz, an outspoken Trump critic in 2020 who spoke out against those reporting […]

Biden Had Whopping $5.2M in Unexplained Income in ’21 (RECORDS)

biden shaking fist while talking

A recently released report has revealed that President Joe Biden has $5.2 million in extra income following the release of taxes and income projections for the past fiscal year, according to financial records. The Daily Mail released its report yesterday, exposing Biden and his infamous crack-using son Hunter, who used his father’s influence as Vice […]

Baby Formula Rationing Begins in Biden’s America

Following the issues with the supply chain and other events around the world, several US stores are starting to implement rationing of products like baby formula for its customers. Walgreens is the latest pharmacy store to implement rationing after CVS was the first store to ration products. Walgreens will start allowing only two purchases of […]

Hunter Biden Texted His Daughter that “Half of His Salary” Went to Joe

Article from 100PercentFedUp While Joe Biden maintains that he has not profited from his family’s foreign business dealings, emails and text messages from his son Hunter reveal otherwise. As the investigation into Hunter Biden continues to reveal incriminating details of his business dealings in China and Ukraine, new evidence has been uncovered that strongly suggests Hunter has been paying […]

WATCH: Grassley Exposes China-Biden Financial Links on Senate Floor

Longtime Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) took to the Senate floor Monday to discuss and officially expose financial links between the Chinese Communist Party and the Biden family fund. During his presentation, he included receipts, which show a $100,000 wire transfer and a number of other sketchy links between Hunter Biden and CCP officials. Throughout the […]

Biden: “There’s a New World Order Coming”

In a speech at the Business Roundtable’s CEO quarterly meeting, President Joe Biden took some time to discuss the current situation in Ukraine. Among many other bumbling sentences, Biden noted that he believes a cyber attack from Russia is imminent, also saying that there is a “New World Order” on the way. The World Economic […]

Angry Biden Calls Reporter “Stupid Son of a Bitch” On Live TV

Monday evening, Joe Biden delivered remarks on lowering prices for working families. At the conclusion of his empty, nonsensical comments, Biden then spoke to reporters on the latest Russia-Ukraine tensions: “I had a very, very, very good meeting, total unanimity, with all the European leaders. We’ll talk about it later.” As they often to do […]

Build Back BROKE-R: Here’s What The Dems’ Socialist Bill Really Costs YOU

The Democrats’ long-awaited (or dreaded) “Build Back Better” bill passed the House along party lines Friday after a long fight against the bill from Republicans. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke on the House floor for eight hours yesterday attempting to postpone the vote, but the Democrats got their chance Friday. The only Democrat […]