Nancy Pelosi STEPS DOWN from House Leadership

nancy pelosi steps down from house leadership

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is stepping down from her House leadership role according to a statement Thursday.  In an address to members of Congress, she said, “I will not seek re-election to Democratic leadership in the next Congress. For me, the hour has come for a new generation to lead the democratic congress that I […]

REPORT: Paul Pelosi’s Attacker is an Illegal Alien

tucker carlson on david depape

The man who assaulted Paul Pelosi over the weekend is an illegal alien who has overstayed his visa, according to Tucker Carlson Tonight.  In a segment covering the Pelosi home break-in and assault, Tucker Carlson relayed key facts about DePape himself:  “[we found out] a highly surprising thing about David DePape: he’s also an illegal […]

Pelosi: “We Saved the Planet” with $360 Billion in Climate Spending

nancy pelosi saying we saved the planet at press conference

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took to the press to announce that congress had “saved the planet” and is currently “saving the planet” with a record $360 billion allotment toward Green efforts.  Pelosi touted the Inflation Reduction Act passed by congress as a landmark moment in “saving the planet.” She said the spending will […]

VIDEO: Democrats Pass AR-Style Weapon Ban

nancy pelosi smiles as house bill passes banning assault weapons

Friday evening, House Democrats cheered the passing of a bill designed to restrict Second Amendment rights. In a 217 to 213 vote, the House passed a bill that would ban semi-automatic, AR-style firearms.  Pelosi championed the bill as, “a crucial step in our ongoing fight against the deadly epidemic of gun violence.” House Democrats could […]

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi’s WORST Lie YET

During a media conference Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her husband Paul Pelosi never traded stocks based on tips from her. When asked by a Fox News digital reporter whether or not Pelosi’s position in Congress gave her husband insider stock advice, Pelosi laughed before denying and exiting the podium. WATCH: [TRENDING: 4 Photos […]

Pelosi Caught SHOVING Daughter of New GOP Rep. Mayra Flores (VIDEO)

Earlier in June, Republican Mayra Flores flipped a Democrat stronghold in Texas in a special election that had voted blue for four decades straight. Last week, joined by her border patrol agent husband, two sons, and two daughters, Flores was sworn into Congress by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But during a photo of the whole group, […]

WATCH: Pelosi Recites Bizarre Poem About Ukraine

In a creepy, weird, court jester-like fashion, Nancy Pelosi recited a poem that was sent to her by Bono, U2’s lead vocalist, in support of Ukraine and (apparently?) commemorating St. Patrick’s Day. Pelosi’s delivery of the poem, which compares Ireland’s sorrow to Ukraine’s, was so bizarre and inauthentic that even left-wing outlets are calling it […]

‘Awomen’, ‘Latinx’, and Kente: Examining The Cultural Insensitivity of Leftists

One of the favorite accusations of the Marxist leftists of America is that their opponents are “culturally insensitive” or engage in “cultural appropriation.” This is also the charge which has removed so much great art, literature, icons, and history from schools and the public forum, the charge that demonized Shakespeare, George Washington, and Mark Twain. […]

SOTU 2020: Trump’s Greatest Speech Ever

Last night’s State of the Union address was the greatest speech ever delivered by President Trump. The magnitude of the moment, contrasted with the backdrop of a forced and unrepresentative Democratic impeachment, created a delivery filled with success, greatness and hope. The speech was focused and optimistic while charting a clear aspirational identity for our […]