CDC Prepares to Mandate COVID Vaccine for School Children

tucker carlson on covid vaccines for school children

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on an under-covered story on his show Tuesday night, exposing CDC plans to mandate COVID vaccinations for school children. The mandate would come in the form of the childhood immunization schedule, a list of required vaccines for children going into public school.  “This week, the CDC’s advisory committee on […]

Biden Tells Florida Residents to Prepare for Hurricane by “Getting Vaccinated”

biden tells floridians to prepare for hurricane by getting vaccinated

While many residents of Florida have shuttered their homes with plywood, stocked up on water and evacuated their neighborhoods – President Joe Biden is telling Floridians to “get vaccinated” for the hurricane.   In an address to the American people, Biden spoke from prepared notes in a three ring binder:  “Let me be clear: if you […]

NIH Gave Grant to Study How ‘Protein-RNA Interactions’ Promote Cancer, Fibrosis

Column | Washington’s Bayonette Exclusive: A Florida State University researcher received a “prestigious National Institutes of Health [NIH] grant” in Oct. 2021 to study how “protein-RNA interactions” can promote “fibrosis and cancers.”  This is less than a year after the roll-out of the dangerous mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, which the NIH is even up to this day […]

Healthy Adults Are Dying “Mysteriously” in Australia (DETAILS)

Australia, ground-zero for draconian COVID vaccine mandates during the pandemic, is currently confronting a massive spike in Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, or SADS. SADS, also known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, is described as a death where a person under the age of 40 dies unexpectedly, and the cause of death cannot be determined. Australia’s […]

Student Kicked Off Campus for Refusing Booster After Severe Adverse Effects to Jab

Diamond Puentes kicked off campus for refusing booster

Diamond Puentes, a pre-med student at Upstate New York’s Union College, was booted off campus for opting not to get a vaccine booster after suffering severe adverse effects caused by her first dose. Despite Puentes’ doctor sending a note documenting her past adverse vaccine reaction, the school refused the student’s appeal. Local CBS6 reported on […]

Pfizer Docs: 9 Pages of Adverse Effects, Shocking Death Rate

doctor holds vial of pfizer covid vaccine

On the first of March, Pfizer pharmaceutical was forced to release its vaccine side effect data after a Freedom of Information Act request was granted. Pfizer intended to hide this data until 2085, but it has now come to light, and it is just as concerning as you would expect. The walloping document of side […]

NEW Project Veritas Clip: NY Nurses Reveal Botched Vaccinations On KIDS: “Some Got the Wrong [Mixture]”

project veritas recording of botched vaccines

Just moments ago, Project Veritas released new whistleblower recordings that show medical staff and supervisors admitting they may have used the wrong dilutant when giving the COVID vaccine to children. The recorded individuals confirmed the error “could cancel out [the protection of the vaccine] or have adverse effects.” The company administering the vaccines, DocGo, and its subsidiary, Ambulnz, […]

WATCH: Illinois High School Student SHREDS School Board With Fiery and Witty Speech

Article originally published in Blue State Conservative This video is nothing short of amazing. This student is nothing short of courageous and impressive. Speaking only as a snarky teenager can, the Illinois high schooler gets the final word with her depraved school board and so-called leaders when it comes to masking, vaccination, and all things […]