TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE: EU Regulators Warn Frequent Booster Jabs Weaken the Immune System

In December, Israeli scientists warned the world that frequent booster shows would negatively affect the immune system, causing a sort of “immune fatigue” that would slow down and eventually weaken individuals’ systems. Also in December, a New York Times report featured similar findings from scientists reluctant to tell the truth. And now, European Union regulators […]

Fauci ADMITS: ‘This Wouldn’t Be the First Time a Jab Actually Made People WORSE’

In unearthed footage from a 2020 live meeting with Meta/Facebook czar Mark Zuckerberg, NIH propagandist-in-chief Tony Fauci was receptive to the possibility that the COVID-19 vaccines are making people more likely to be infected by the virus itself. This is a rapid 360-degree difference in messaging from the ‘scientist,’ who has recently been begging parents […]

At Least 70 Athletes Have Collapsed or Died from ‘Heart Conditions’ in 2021 (LIST)

Published in Free West Media The reports of athletes who suddenly collapse have been increasing noticeably lately. Heart problems such as heart inflammation are often the cause – one of the known life-threatening side effects of Covid vaccines, which even the manufacturers themselves warn against. The current phenomenon is also evident if you simply look […]

REPORT: Barack Obama Prep in LA is Vaccinating CHILDREN Without Parental Consent (DETAILS)

The COVID-19 vaccine has become a religion for left-wing sycophants across the country, and they’re showing their true colors. The left’s impulsive need for control and power over people is seen especially clearly in their push to vaccinate EVERYONE, despite the science saying it does not stop transmission of the virus. At all. Unfortunately, they’re […]