Youngkin Promises to STOP Virginia from Becoming California

Tuesday, Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss Virginia’s bizarre state legislation linking the Commonwealth’s gas-powered car policies to those of the California government. According to Youngkin, Democrats quietly signed legislation under former Governor Ralph Northam that forces the state to match California’s radical plan to phase out gas-powered vehicles. […]

Youngkin BLASTS Fairfax Schools Admin for Harboring Sex Offender [WATCH]

governor youngkin blasts fairfax county public schools for employing sex offender

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin put Fairfax Public Schools administrators on blast Monday for employing a middle school counselor who had previously been convinced of a sex crime with a minor.  7NewsDC gained an exclusive statement from the governor, recorded via video.  “This is an astonishing revelation…for there to be a school counselor who was arrested […]

CLIP: Youngkin on the Future of the GOP

Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin joined CBS News’ Face the Nation Sunday to discuss his future plans and his vision for the party he represents. When asked about the future of the Republican Party, Youngkin gave the audience an incredibly inclusive response. Since his campaign for governor, Youngkin has remained famously neutral with certain political […]

NEW: Youngkin Hints at 2024 Run for President

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin appears to be at least mulling a 2024 campaign for President of the United States. Speculation regarding Youngkin’s possible bid for the Republican nomination for President began right when the Governor won his election in 2021. In a blue state that Biden carried by more than 10 points in 2020, Youngkin’s […]

Spox: Youngkin Eyeing 15-Week Abortion Ban (DETAILS)

Friday, Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and fellow members of his administration celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling that overturned Roe v Wade. Youngkin immediately released a statement saying he was proud to be a “Pro-life Governor” and ready to take action: “The Supreme Court of the United States has rightfully returned power to the people […]

Youngkin Admin Reacts to Roe v Wade Decision

Friday morning, the Supreme Court delivered Pro-life conservatives across the country a massive win. After half a century of legal action and activism, the landmark abortion ruling Roe v Wade has been overturned by SCOTUS. The conservative court ruled 6-3 in favor of overturning Roe despite death threats and an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh […]

WATCH: Youngkin SLAMS Democrats’ Refusal to Lower Gas Prices

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has had enough of the Democrats’ “brick wall” in the state senate. The “brick wall,” as State Senator L. Louise Lucas calls it, has done its best to block wins for Youngkin at all costs, keeping Virginians paying the highest gas prices possible. Last week, the Democrats blocked an extension of […]

HUGE for VA: Another MASSIVE Company Bringing Jobs to the Commonwealth

Wednesday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced another big-time win for the Commonwealth. The LEGO Group is investing $1 billion to make Virginia its home base for American manufacturing, bringing nearly 2,000 new jobs to the state. LEGO is the largest toy corporation in the entire world. Youngkin Press Secretary Macaulay Porter took to Twitter to […]

VA GOP Claps Back at Democrat State Senator on Twitter

Tuesday, Virginia State Senator L. Louise Lucas (D) took to Twitter to look back on growing up in racist times in the state, using her experience as an opportunity to attack Glenn Youngkin’s anti-indoctrination policies. “I am only two years younger than Emmett Till. When I started work at the Shipyard they still had “colored” […]

NEW: Youngkin Fighting to Keep Washington Commanders Deal Alive

According to new reports, Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin still wants the Washington Commanders to come to Virginia, despite the state’s legislature tabling a bill that would lay the groundwork to bring the team to Prince William County. Youngkin spoke to WTOP News about his hope for Virginia to gain a professional sports team. WTOP reports: […]