WATCH: Youngkin SLAMS Democrats’ Refusal to Lower Gas Prices


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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has had enough of the Democrats’ “brick wall” in the state senate.

The “brick wall,” as State Senator L. Louise Lucas calls it, has done its best to block wins for Youngkin at all costs, keeping Virginians paying the highest gas prices possible. Last week, the Democrats blocked an extension of Youngkin’s gas tax holiday, and bragged about it on Twitter.

Glenn Youngkin, a businessman who ran on a compassionate, common-sense platform, just “doesn’t understand it.”


The Virginia Republicans will be hammering the Democrats’ refusal to lower gas prices during a crisis for the next months heading into the election.

The Virginia Republican Party tweeted an appeal to voters this week:

Governor Youngkin also made noise on Twitter, saying “Virginians should know that higher gas prices are brought to you by [Senate Democrats].”

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  1. The federal democrats started this issue with biden the second day of office killed American oil issues ( I know he sold himself out to America’s rickey rich to gain the office he is sitting in) and now he is trying to blame our oil companies of gouging we the public. When did prices start to rise you ask? when we started by biden to importing oil instead os NO IMPORTING OIL DURING TRUMPS AS PRESIDENT. biden is trying to now get a gift of cutting federal gas taxes for 3 months. Our fine governor has tried to get a release on Virgina’s gas tax and the Virginia has failed to agree that would be a help for all Virginians.Do all the Virginias drive electric cars—-I DO NOT THINK SO—– they too are paying the high prices are they getting free gas through their office. America’s governments from Federal, state to local have all had and still are not using the true laws of the country laid down by our forefathers it is time all lawmakers read the Constitution and the true laws of the land. Also past laws on term limits for our government.

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