Televangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth to Hold Woodstock-like Easter Service


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Jonathan Shuttlesworth, a well-known conservative Christian Pastor and televangelist, announced via social media last week that he was planning on holding an “outdoor Easter-blowout service”. Shuttlesworth describes it as “A national gathering… Woodstock.”

In his video, Shuttlesworth states the government is infringing upon the rights of people to assemble and practice their religion and worship the Lord. He references the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, announcing that if churches continue to meet that the “building will be closed permanently.”

His announcement comes after several pastors in the United States were arrested for violating their states, “stay-at-home” orders. Obviously, this is quite bold. Thus far, 38 states have put their citizens on “stay-at-home” orders in order to encourage social distancing and stop the spread of COVID-19. Schools and non-essential businesses have been ordered to close indefinitely.

The industries that have taken the brunt of the economic blow have been restaurants and bars, airlines, cruises and the entertainment industry. As of Thursday, over the past two weeks, nearly 10 million Americans have filed for unemployment.

Tensions are rising as more and more people are finding themselves jobless and struggling to pay their rent and provide for their families. A lot of people are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the government adding restrictions on their freedoms – which is understandable.

While countries while China, North Korea, Laos and Syria don’t have freedoms pertaining to freedom of religion, assembly, speech or press that what makes our country so wonderful. We can enjoy certain liberties and freedoms that other countries don’t have. We are free to disagree with one another.

At the end of this shutdown, we as a country will have a greater appreciation for the freedoms we have in this country. While Pastor Shuttlesworth may have a point, how he’s going about proving his point might be the wrong way.

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