The “Cyber Pandemic:” Are Global Elites Planning Pandemic Phase II?


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“As the digital realm increasingly merges with our physical world, the ripple effects of cyber-attacks on our safety just keep on expanding and at a faster pace than what we are preparing for.  COVID-19 was known as an anticipated risk. So is the digital equivalent. Let’s be better prepared for that one.” –“Averting a Cyber Pandemic (Option 1),” Jan. 28, 2021, World Economic Forum Davos Agenda panel

The Davos Agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) from Jan. 2021 openly pushed for radical globalism in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Agenda included unscientific leftist narratives on Covid-19, Covid vaccines, climate change, and “inclusion.”  The purpose of the agenda (or at least of its proposed “new social contract”) was allegedly to solve the “inequities,” as WEF quoted from Dr. Anthony Fauci, uncovered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A look at the speakers for the event indicate anything but a commitment to more justice, however.  Speakers for the Davos Agenda included Chinese Communist Party (CCP) President Xi Jinping, whose government is currently overseeing harsh religious and political persecution and ethnic genocide, and corrupt China-pandering United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres.

The Davos Agenda 2021 had a number of talks, two of which were panel discussions called “Averting a Cyber Pandemic.” The first of these discussions played up the massive nature of online viruses and other digital threats, comparing these online “viruses” to the Covid-19 virus.  One aspect of this is an alleged “info-pandemic” of misinformation, which you may recognize as the leftist catchphrase for anything, true or false, which does not happen to fit their current narrative.

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The assertion was that the Covid pandemic, by making the world more than ever dependent on technology, also made the world vulnerable to this mysterious, terrifying online viral threat.  The same language used to scare the world into self-destructive shutdown and cowering fear of Covid-19 was being used to argue for cyber “pandemic” measures.  The Davos “experts” indicated that it may need to be possible for global leaders to shut down every single electronic device, even private devices, within days.  I’m going out on a limb here and saying this sounds like one more devious ploy to transfer immense power into the hands of a very few tyrants.

Yet the “Cyber Pandemic” claim seems to have gone largely ignored (except a brief, positive write-up by Yahoo! News) by the media, just like WEF’s touted project “The Great Reset,” another push for radical globalism and elite control post-Covid.  The measures forced on the world supposedly to stop the Covid plandemic wrecked millions of lives, businesses, relationships, dreams, economies.  Now the globalists want to use online viruses as an excuse to do it all over again?  Why is this not more in the news?

I previously reported for this column how suspicious two events were leading up to the start of the Covid plandemic, with evidence pointing to the fact that the plandemic may well have been a planned conspiracy: “At an Oct. 2019 [Milken Institute] summit and at Event 201 (hosted that same month), experts including Dr. Fauci, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation, (now) Biden’s Director of Natl. Intelligence, and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) virologist George Gao variously demanded or endorsed much faster timelines for vaccines, more aggressive combat of ‘misinformation’ related to pandemics, a ‘disruptive’ approach to changing the institutional architecture surrounding vaccines, and mRNA vaccines based potentially on a novel Chinese virus.”

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I would like to point out that these suspicious events have several participants in common with the Davos Agenda.  Dr. Fauci was prominent at the Milken Institute Summit, and a quote from him introed the Davos Agenda video for a “New Social Contract.”  A prominent CCP official was at both Event 201 (Gao) and Davos 2021 (Xi).  The World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were sponsors/partners both for Event 201 and Davos 2021.  I used to think people who mentioned a “global conspiracy” were nutcases.  Now I’m not so sure.  Whenever one investigates something shady—Covid vaccines, the Covid pandemic, the Davos Agenda, the “cyber pandemic”—one always turns up the same people, the same organizations, the same sponsors. To flip a common phrase on its head, one of these things is just like the others.

The “Averting a Cyber Pandemic (Option 1)” panel talk included plenty of revealing and even shocking quotes.  Aside from the quote at the start of this article, where Covid-19 was declared an “anticipated risk,” and the correlation so clearly made between Covid and cyber threats, the panelists called for radical globalism, stricter control of the flow of information, and treating cyber threats in a similar manner to how Covid has been treated.  Panelists used medical language for the dissimilar cyber threat, speaking of “cyber hygiene,” “new variants” of online viruses, and how the “info-pandemic” attacks “seniors” and “the most vulnerable groups,” just like Covid.  Gil Shwed (CEO, Check Point Software Technologies) tried to play up cyber threats to a crisis, saying that online viruses mutate even faster than the Covid virus; “With every attack is a new mutation.”

American Clara Tsao—a self-described “disinformation researcher”—sighed over the supposed Covid “misinformation” being spread online.  Michelle Price (CEO, AustCyber) declared that the world is already in a “cyber pandemic,” emphasizing this in light of her opinion that “citizens of the world are going to be increasingly moving with their fingers [online],” rather than physically, because of Covid pandemic restrictions.  This was the first Davos Agenda talk on the subject—there was also an “Option 2” discussion.  And this is just scratching the surface of the craziness; all proposed, of course, under the guise of wanting to help ordinary people.

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A look at WEF itself, and WEF’s partners, shows just how questionable its supposed interest in helping ordinary people is, though.  WEF is partnered with, among many others, ByteDance (which is controlled by the evil CCP), Tencent Holdings (also CCP-controlled), Pfizer (vaccines, anyone?), Amazon, Apple, Google, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Huawei Technologies (CCP again), Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, New York Times, Walmart, Yahoo, Zoom, BAE Systems, Boeing, Chevron, Visa, China Bohai Bank, China Construction Bank, China Energy Investment, China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., China Merchants Group, China Railway Group (CREC), China Southern Power Grid, China UnionPay, Dell Technologies, Deutsche Bank, Dow, Honeywell (which was caught by the US State Department sharing US military tech info with China), Honda Motor, IBM, LinkedIn, Mastercard, Nielson, Nasdaq, Nestle, PepsiCo, PayPal, Qatar National Bank (which has been sued for helping fund terrorism, including Hamas), Qatar Development Bank, Saudi Industrial Development Fund, Sony, The LEGO Brand Group, Toyota Motor Corporation, Tyson Foods, Uber Technologies, UPS, Volkswagen Group, Western Union, and Williams-Sonoma.

Okay, you get the point.  WEF has a lot of partners.  But notice how WEF is partnered with companies in literally every industry—and not only that, many of the companies are either directly tied to the CCP, which is a murderous tyranny, or openly advocate for an elitist global system, like the Gates Foundation.  Not to mention the Big Tech companies, which want to control free speech and information flow altogether, and vaccine companies, which have a vested interest in continuing worldwide fear as long as possible.  Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

In fact, I find it interesting that the “Cyber Pandemic” panelists were discussing the necessity of globalists addressing the supposed “infodemic” only months before leftist activist Frances Haugen began masquerading as a Facebook whistleblower and leftists around the world began a strenuous push for more government control of online speech and increased censorship.  Multiple US government officials, particularly senators (such as Amy Klobuchar), have explicitly called for increased censorship recently, showing their cards by citing leftist talking points such as Covid “vaccine misinformation” or the alleged “insurrection” of Jan. 6.

Having explained the shady background of the organizations and individuals pushing the idea of the “cyber pandemic,” in my next article on this topic I will do an in-depth look at the Davos 2021 panel talk on “Averting a Cyber Pandemic (Option 1).”

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  1. The New World Order is real and has been operating for a long time. The information in this article is yet another example of their work. We who believe in the New World Order concept are not crazy and yet they want the general public to think we are crazy. It is becoming more clear everyday that the Elite are at work and they want to enslave the rest of us. Thank you for sharing this article with us all. It is nice to have the Internet while we still do.

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