THOMAS: Lightfoot Explains that Action is Needed Because Dems are Racist


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As most people are now aware, Chicago’s mayor, Democrat Lori Lightfoot, has come under heavy criticism for saying that she would only speak to “black and brown” reporters on the occasion of her two-year anniversary in office. 

Setting aside the obvious – that (1) no one cares about her two-year anniversary, (2) residents of Chicago are more concerned about what Newsweek certified as 2021’s record-breaking stats for shootings there, and (3) her decision is every bit as racist as posting a “whites only” sign – there’s a story here that everyone is missing. 

In an attempt to defend her decision, Lightfoot tweeted out that “This is an imbalance that needs to change.  Chicago….media should reflect the multiple cultures that comprise it.  It’s time for the newsrooms to do better.” 

Did you notice what I did?  Who is she alleging isn’t diverse enough?  Who are the “racists” in her tale?  The media.  Specifically, the left-wing mainstream media (unless you want me to believe that Lightfoot will be allowing Fox and Breitbart to conduct her interview). 

This is nearly always the case with Democrats.  Whenever they get up in arms about racism or sexism in America, and are pressed to name who the bigots are other than Donald Trump, the institutions they claim are racist or sexist are run and owned by their own political allies, lock, stock, and barrel.  For example:

Democrats: “The police are always killing African-Americans.”

Americans: “That’s awful.  Where is this happening?”

Democrats: “In the big cities!”

Democrats: “America is suffering from a rape epidemic.”

Americans: “Oh no!  Where should we focus our efforts?”

Democrats: “On university campuses!  No Mr. Clinton, you can’t weigh in on this one…Well, if you insist.”

Democrats: “Hispanics and Blacks are underrepresented!”

Americans: “In which institutions?”

Democrats: “The mainstream media, obviously!”

Democrats: “Women face constant sexual harassment in the workplace.” 

Americans:  We should deal with that.  Which workplaces?

Democrats: Hollywood and the film industry! 

Democrats: Women get paid less than men for the same work!

Americans:  Wow, that sounds sexist.  Who would do that, and how do we fix it?

Democrats: Corporate America is to blame (which donated far more money to Biden than to Trump, keep reading if you want absolute proof).   

Democrats: Minorities get a raw deal when it comes to education.

Americans: Ok, in which institutions?

Democrats: The public schools.

If you don’t believe that these places, institutions, and industries are run and staffed heavily by Democrats, click here to check out two incredible charts made by Bloomberg news.  The charts show whether the majority of employees at major corporations and industries who donated to 2020 presidential candidates donated to the Trump campaign or the Biden campaign.  They also show how strong the majority was. 

For teachers, professors, actors, Disney, Facebook, Google (which includes YouTube), Amazon, Apple, Nike, etc., the results overwhelmingly favored Biden.  Trump won the donations race with farmers, business owners, the U.S. Marines, the NYPD, firefighters, pilots, stay-at-home moms, and truck drivers (a veritable list of the people Democrats look down their noses at) but most of those contributed little compared to the size of the donations made from the Democrat’s elitist base. 

Looking at the numbers, I’ve changed my mind, and agree with Lori Lightfoot in at least one respect.  I wish Democrats would stop being so racist and sexist. 

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