THOMAS: NY Just Said Trump Supporters Can’t Be Lawyers


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New York has suspended the law license of Trump attorney and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.  This means that it is now illegal for Giuliani to practice law, unless he takes and passes a difficult bar exam in another state.  New York’s explicit reason for the suspension was Giuliani’s support for President Trump’s efforts to prove that fraud occurred in the 2020 election.

Giuliani was not provided with a hearing in the matter, or the opportunity to defend himself.

While the former mayor will likely be able to support himself and his family from his savings, the average American would face severe economic hardship if banned from working in their chosen trade or profession (a discrimination tactic that was among the earliest used in Nazi Germany against the Jewish people). 

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Democrat and former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who taught ethics law there for 35 years, stated on NYC’s WABC 770 radio station that equal justice has been “mortally wounded” by Giuliani’s disbarment, and that “the most basic concept of due process is you don’t deprive somebody of his living, of his freedom, or of his ability to work, without a hearing.”

As Republicans and conservatives begin to be banned from working (not just in this instance, but whenever an employer or potential employer perceives them to have made politically incorrect statements) they must ask themselves several difficult questions:

  1. What measures should they take (example: moving to a conservative state) to ensure that their children and spouses do no become the victims of government-sponsored bigotry and violence?
  2. Do they believe that their liberal friends and neighbors will speak up for them should even the most basic of human rights be denied to them and to their families?
  3. What loyalty, if any, do they owe to a government that does not allow them to work to feed their families?

VIDEO: Tucker Just Revealed that the Biden Administration is SPYING on Him

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  1. OMG WOW It’s to late for us. We were already having a slight over crowding and housing problem here in Hawaii. Then Obama dumped the whole population of Marsheese Islands and Micronesia on our doorstep. He promised our Governor that the Federal government would take care of them. As soon as they get here the Federal government went down and they could no longer support them. It was up to our State that was already stretched very thin to help them. After that there was wide spred homelessness and poverty. Our residents were being displaced, unemployment rose, and it’s vulnerable old and mentally ill are being neglected. Obama has turned paradise into a homeless camp with mentally ill and disabled people turned away. We have mentally ill people walking around talking to themselves, taking their clothes off and sometimes being combative with complete strangers. We also have senior citizens and veterans homeless living on the streets, just because they can’t afford a home. While these invaders receive Housing Vouchers for rent, food stamps, medical, dental, and financial assistance. This is sickening!! Plus we receive at least 3 homeless people every day into our airport. They are coming from other states with a free 1 way ticket. They arrive and add to our already fragile population. During the shutdown around COVID19 we sent and had a count of these because of strict regulations. This was the first time it was really highlighted and on the nightly news. So I’m sad to say my Hawaii, Honolulu is no longer paradise.

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