Did THIS Democrat Senator Just ADMIT to Insider Trading?


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Colorado Senator Michael Bennet (D) appears to have admitted on national television that he makes stock purchases based on details he learns while working in the Senate.

Bennet’s comments come as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faces backlash for yet another apparent insider trading scandal carried out by her and her husband, Paul.

Pelosi has previously insisted that she has never engaged in insider trading based on the sensitive information at her disposal in the House.

Unfortunately for his campaign team and press staff, Bennet was much more transparent than Pelosi, potentially exposing his own behaviors while speaking on Bloomberg News.

Watch Bennet appear to suggest he trades stocks based on legislative tips:

Bennet has been one of Colorado’s Senators since 2009 but faces a tougher-than-usual re-election battle in today’s pro-Republican political climate.

The Bennet campaign will likely claim the Senator’s comments were just a mistimed figure of speech.

Meanwhile, insider trading aficionado Nancy Pelosi is currently free from taking questions regarding her recent semiconductor trade, visiting Taiwan despite harsh threats from the Chinese Communists and the White House’s own warnings.

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