US Helped Russia Commit Another Holodomor-Like Massacre In Ukraine


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Opinion Column | Washington’s Bayonette

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has left Ukraine devasted and a hundred thousand or more of its people dead. One cannot but recall the Holodomor massacre the Russian Soviets carried out against the Ukrainians in the 20th century.  Only this time, the U.S. helped Russia to commit the massacre of Ukrainians by prolonging the war.

It is unfortunate but true that Americans seem either to have a most irrational and extravagant enthusiasm for the Ukrainian leadership and their allies or an equally irrational admiration for Russian dictator and former Soviet KGB agent Vladimir Putin and Russia’s unjust claims. Russia has no right to invade Ukraine or seize Ukrainian land; but the political and military leadership in Ukraine is certainly very corrupt and allied with corrupt leaders.  But then Russia is allied with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the greatest mass murderer of all time.  More on that later—right now, I want to address the fact that the invasion of Ukraine has been mass murder of Ukrainians. In February, the life expectancy on the Ukrainian frontline was about four hours. Yet the globalists continue to prolong the war, with the willing cooperation of Ukraine’s own leadership!  The prolongation of the war, as unjust as Russia’s invasion was, can only hurt Ukraine more.

The Biden regime egged Putin into an earlier invasion of Ukraine (Putin had been planning it for a while, but not so soon, and would likely not have invaded had Trump still been president).  The US government also reportedly helped block early potential peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.  The Biden regime has also continually overestimated Ukraine’s military power and underestimated Russia’s—this is no help to heroic Ukrainian defenders, who are fighting bloody and devastating battles.  According to Human Events’ Jack Posobiec earlier this month, talking about Ukrainian v. Russian deaths in the war, “You’re talking about a four-to-one death ratio. A four-to-one death ratio of Ukrainians to Russians, and so you’ve got nearly 100,000 killed.”

Meanwhile, “[Steve] Bannon chimed in, suggesting that the documents say that 70,000 Ukrainians have died, while just 17,000 Russians have been killed in the conflict.”  An earlier estimate from the U.S. government said 100,000 casualties for both sides, but, as we know, we cannot trust the US government.  This month, US government documents put the combined casualties for Russian and Ukrainian soldiers of dead and injured at 354,000.  Either way, there is an absolute slaughter against Ukrainians—not quite on the scale of the Holodomor massacre, which killed millions, but certainly reaching disturbing proportions.

By egging Putin into an earlier invasion, helping thwart a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine, by pouring money and weapons we cannot spare or afford into the war (thus escalating it), and by pretending to help Ukraine while hiding the sobering amount of death and destruction wreaked on Ukraine, the United States of America is helping the Russians commit another Holodomor-like massacre.

What is the Holodomor? It’s important history—not just because we owe it to the dead to remember them, but because it’s crucial to understanding the current conflict in Ukraine. An argument I have often heard as to why the disputed Ukrainian regions should belong to Russia (which leaves aside the fact that military invasion without provocation is unjust in any case) is that a lot of the people living there are Russians. This is true, as I have reported before, but the reason Russians live in those areas of Ukraine has an ugly history behind it. Russians live there now in large part because the Soviets committed a genocide in Ukraine and moved their own people in. It’s not because that land rightfully used to be and should be Russia’s.

You have heard of the Holocaust, but have you heard of the Holodomor? Holodomor comes from two Ukrainian words meaning “hunger” and “extermination.” And that’s exactly what it was—deliberate extermination of Ukrainians by their Soviet Russian tyrannical overlords.

“That autumn the Soviet Politburo, the elite leadership of the Soviet Communist Party, took a series of decisions that widened and deepened the famine in the Ukrainian countryside. Farms, villages, and whole towns in Ukraine were placed on blacklists and prevented from receiving food. Peasants were forbidden to leave the Ukrainian republic in search of food. Despite growing starvation, food requisitions were increased and aid was not provided in sufficient quantities. The crisis reached its peak in the winter of 1932–33, when organized groups of police and communist apparatchiks ransacked the homes of peasants and took everything edible, from crops to personal food supplies to pets.”

Stalin’s campaign turned into a catastrophe. Death rates went steeply up in 1933 in Ukraine. In fact, across the USSR an estimated 5 million or more people died of hunger between 1931 and 1934. And of those 5 million USSR dead from starvation, at least 3.9 million were Ukrainians. It was obscene mass murder.  The Ukrainian countryside was dotted with mass graves, and, in the cities, corpses were lying in the streets. But the Soviets didn’t just starve the Ukrainians to death on a mass scale—they also assaulted Ukrainian identity. While unfortunate Ukrainian peasants were dropping dead from hunger, the Russian Soviets were also conducting a “campaign of repression and persecution” against both Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian political leaders, “intelligentsia,” and religious leaders. The Catholic Church canonized many Ukrainian Saints martyred by the Soviets, for instance.

“Moreover, anyone connected to the short-lived Ukrainian People’s Republic—an independent government that had been declared in June 1917 in the wake of the February Revolution but was dismantled after the Bolsheviks conquered Ukrainian territory—was subjected to vicious reprisals. All those targeted by this campaign were liable to be publicly vilified, jailed, sent to the Gulag (a system of Soviet prisons and forced-labour camps), or executed. . .Stalin himself went so far as to repress the results of a census taken in 1937.”

The administrators of that 1937 census were arrested and then murdered. Stalin would not allow that census to tell the stark tale of just how many Ukrainians had been killed by his destructive policies. One testimony about Holodomor said:

“In Poltavka region, near Kyiv, there were also villages where everyone died. They have sent Russians to the place. They did not resettle Ukrainians from other place there, but real [ethnic] Russians.”

The Soviets killed Ukrainians and moved Russians in. That’s how there’s an ethnically Russian population in the disputed Ukrainian territory in the first place. 

Finally, I would like to address the minority of Americans who seem to think that Putin is admirable or sympathetic, because it blinds them to the recognition of the second Holodomor going on in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin grew powerful working for the violent Soviet KGB, and he has not changed. Putin’s continual attacks on other countries like Ukraine that used to be part of the USSR send a pretty clear signal about his ambitions. Putin is not good because he condemns effeminacy or transgenderism; Muslim terrorists who shoot children and behead Christians say the same.  There are, of course, good Russians, just as there are corrupt Ukrainians, but that says nothing about the Russian government, any more than the existence of good Americans mean the corrupt Biden administration is admirable.

Putin is evil, objectively and regardless of how corrupt his opponents are in this war. Not to mention the fact that Putin launched his career as a Soviet KGB foreign intelligence officer; that is, as a spy or thug working for the Soviets to do their dirty work and lie effectively about it to non-Russians. Remember that background when he sounds conservative—he was trained to be a master at propaganda and manipulation. He has never renounced his diabolical past and has even mentioned it as proof of his qualifications. He said in 2016 of his KGB spy career, “I was an intelligence officer myself, and I know how dossiers are made up.”

The American government has blood on its hands for its efforts to prolong and escalate the devastating war in Ukraine.

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  1. This war was caused by these US-NATO actions: the 2014 CIA coup, the 14,000 civilian deaths in Donbas from eight years of Ukraine artillery bombings, and something else the West was repeatedly warned not to do, the installations of NATO on Russia’s borders. Re the kill ratio: the overall average ratio of Ukraine military action deaths to Russian military action deaths is seven to one. However the current KIA ratio is 14:1 Ukrainian to Russian battlefield deaths—over 200,000 Ukraine armed forces KIA.

  2. Utter trash. Putin is to blame no one else. The rest is pretext, propaganda and brain farts. Idiots like you would let Putin win and then we go from holodomor to holocost but then you’d be sitting on your fat ass and off on your next inane mission. You’re a horrible human being, go to hell.

  3. Dunno. It kind of looks like the Rogue Review is sneakily on the side of the Russians–like many so-called ‘conservatives’, egged on by nerds like Tucker to pimp for Putin whatever way they can dream up. These faux ‘patriots’, always bragging about their own prowess with guns etc., seem unable to empathize with a people willing to fight for their country. Made for Putin’s propaganda.

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