Virginia Primary Results: See Who Won Tuesday Night


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Yesterday, Virginia held its primary elections. Notable Republican favorites won big, and a longtime Democrat incumbent once again dominated his race for the nomination.

In Virginia’s 8th district, former Lieutenant Governor and Democrat Don Beyer outpaced his primary opponent Victoria Virasingh by over 50 points.

The Republican races were not much closer as a whole, except in the 7th district.

In the 7th district, Ted Cruz-endorsed Republican Yesli Vega won a tight race with former green beret Derrick Anderson. Vega snatched the nomination by 5.1% of the vote.

Strong favorite Jen Kiggans won her 2nd district race with Trump-aligned candidate Jarome Bell, despite left-wing super PACs pouring $1 million into positive ads for Bell. We reported on Democrats meddling in the race last week.

In the 3rd and 6th districts, Benjamin Lee Cline and Terry Namkung won decisively:

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  1. I really want to read the information in Dominion Dispatch…but I am ALWAYS redirected to pictures of horrific fungus riddled tonails or worse before I can read the story. Never again. I’m deleting and unsubscribing Dominion Dispatch. I’ll get my news elsewhere.

    1. I hate that as well, I just get up for coffee or do some small chore than return moments later after the disgusting pictures have passed.

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