WATCH: Aussie News Anchors Hysterically Laugh At Joe Biden Gaffes


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An Australian news anchor laughed at and mocked President Joe Biden earlier this week after discussing the current cognitive and mental capacity of the current U.S. President. Sky News Anchor Rita Panahi couldn’t hold back the laughter during her Sunday segment, titled “Rita’s Weekly Reality Check.”

“But first let’s take a moment and check in on the leader of the free world,” Rita started her segment saying. “Joe is healthy and vigorous,” Panahi said, reading from an announcement by White House Physician Kevin O’Connor following the President’s annual physical last week, before laughing.

O’Connor released the memo last week, saying, “President Biden remains a healthy, vigorous 80-year-old male who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief of Staff, Head of State, and Commander-in-Chief,” despite failing to administer a cognitive exam to Biden.

Panahi went on to show several clips of Biden’s blunders throughout his term as President. 

Biden has dealt with countless blunders – many of which have been caught on video – including his shaking hands with the air on a speaking podium, tripping up the stairs to Air Force One not once but twice, and having to be helped off stage repeatedly.

WATCH THE CLIP: Biden Trips And Falls AGAIN On Air Force One Stairs (DETAILS)

On Friday morning, Biden seemed to struggle to answer a question from reporters about the East Palestine Train Derailment and if he planned on visiting the town.

“Are you planning on traveling to East Palestine?” a reporter asked Biden as he was heading to Marine One for a vacation in Delaware.

“At this moment, not,” Biden said.

“I was, I did a whole video, I mean uh, you know, uh, what the hell? On Zoom. All I can hear every time I think of Zoom is that song of my generation, ‘Who’s Zoomin’ Who.’”

“I have argued that in other columns that this has been the funniest president in history because of this phenomenon,” Sky News’ Washington Correspondent Adam Creighton told Panhai in an earlier segment last week. 

“Of course, the humor is not intentional, but it’s very, very funny, and somewhat worrying, I suppose,” Creighton added.


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