WATCH: Biden Creeps On Little Girl at Vax Clinic


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Tuesday, Joe and Jill Biden visited a local Covid vaccination clinic hosted by DC’s Department of Health to promote vaccines for children under the age of 5.

While Nurse Jill meandered, keeping tabs on her incapacitated husband, creepy Joe hung out with young children.

He singled one child out and picked her up, asking “How old are you?”

After telling Biden she was four, Joe said, “I’d like you to come home with me!” For any normal president, this might be a normal, charming interaction. But with Joe Biden’s bad rap when it comes to kids, including taking showers with his own daughter per her own diary, it comes off as extremely creepy.


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  1. This is surely a pathetic event. To see so many little innocent children subjected to the poison their parents were told is “good for them.” This illegitimate president is disgusting on every level. He is shilling for Major Pharma, the conglomerate mission to render American immune systems useless and completely dependent on drugs to maintain a permanently sickly life. Going by this clinic’s attendees, the Bidens are now playing for any “grab backs” they can get. A growing population of parents now know the vaccine ploy is bust and will not subject their kids to this concoction designed specifically for eugenicists.

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