WATCH: First-Hand Account of Ballot Trafficking in Pima County, Arizona


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Exclusive: Illegal ballot trafficking was happening on primary voting day in Pima County, Arizona. And I can provide first-hand testimony as proof of this election fraud.

Everyone who paid any attention to the 2020 voter fraud investigations knows that Arizona’s election system is a mess.  MAGA candidates swept the elections during the recent Republican primaries, but cheaters were certainly trying hard to prevent the primaries from being honest.  In fact, I have an exclusive first-hand story of illegal ballot trafficking from Pima County, AZ.

Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote’s 2000 Mules movie uncovered about 207,435 illegal votes cast in Arizona in 2020 just by looking at ballot traffickers (“mules”) in certain areas.  That means there was a heck of a lot more than 207K illegal votes in Arizona’s 2020 election.  The voter fraud investigation in Arizona uncovered astounding amounts of corruption, including the fact that 58% of AZ voter registrations had no match with the Social Security Administration.  

And the election irregularities and outright fraud have continued in the lead-up to the 2022 elections.  Pinal County, AZ sent out 63,000 incorrect ballots to primary election voters, for instance.  Maricopa County took several days to count votes for the recent Republican primary for governor, seemingly desperately hoping to push RINO candidate Karrin Robson ahead (MAGA candidate Kari Lake successfully won the primary by a significant margin). France, as corrupt and socialist as it is, manages to count the entire country’s worth of ballots in one night (according to Bannon’s War Room). 

And the fraud and incompetence continues — AZ state senate candidate Gary Snyder received a sample ballot from Pinal County Elections Department in early September and found that he was wrongly labeled as a Democrat on the ballot.  Meanwhile, a federal judge recently blocked a bill from the Arizona legislature that would have prevented ballots from being sent to known dead people or those known to have moved to a different state.  Meanwhile, the Biden administration essentially made voter fraud taxpayer-funded by executive order early last year.

So election fraud doesn’t just occur after the fact, as 2000 Mules highlighted.  In fact, I can provide exclusive first-hand evidence that there was illegal ballot trafficking going on in Pima County, Arizona on the day of the 2022 primary election.

I called the official government Pima County Elections Department and asked if it is illegal for a stranger to offer to take someone’s ballot to a polling place, and the Department confirmed for me that it is illegal in Pima County for anyone to take ballots to a polling place or drop box aside from family members or designated election officials.

Teenager Fiona Salgado was home on primary election day on August 2, 2022. She answered the door and found a strange man standing there who smilingly offered to take any ballots the residents of the house had to the polling place.

“And for a minute I was speechless, because I’ve been hearing about election fraud for the past two years,” Fiona explained. She responded to the man, “Absolutely not, we don’t want our votes stolen.” 

She said the man was seemingly “taken aback” and then angry, in an alarming fashion, but he ultimately drove away—without stopping at anyone else’s house on the street, as far as Fiona could see.  Based on my information from the Pima County Elections Department, the man was an illegal ballot trafficker.

Watch Fiona Salgado describe her experience below:

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