WATCH: Rand Paul Destroys Fauci in EPIC 8-Minute Takedown (FULL VIDEO)


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One day after Project Veritas exposed Dr. Anthony Fauci for lying under oath, the mainstream media’s favorite COVID-19 fearmongering bureaucrat took the stand in front of a Congressional committee on coronavirus.

During the committee’s questioning, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) absolutely shredded Fauci for a number of his offenses, including emails that showed Fauci and Francis Collins plotting to smear Stanford epidemiologists who disagreed with their COVID-19 narrative.

Of course, Tony denied this allegation, lying through his teeth because he knows the media would never dare to fact-check his Supreme Excellency. But, it is totally true that Fauci and Collins conspired a “Devastating Takedown” of scientists contradicting their messaging. We reported on these NIH internal emails and included the entire text.

[Our report: NEW Emails Show Fauci and NIH Director Coordinating a “Devastating Takedown” of Fact-Based Declaration to End Lockdowns (FULL TEXT)]

Paul totally grilled Fauci for his many misdeeds in the most heated exchange yet between the two, who have had plenty of run-ins already. At every turn, Fauci spun Paul’s questions, per usual, lying compulsively, claiming innocence, and even trying to give a sob story about an attempt on his life.

At one point, the doctor even appears to be on the verge of tears. Trust us… the eight-minute watch is totally worth it. This is hilarious.



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