WATCH: Transgender Wants to Use “Witchcraft” to Turn Republicans’ Babies “Trans”


transgender individual expressing their desire to turn the babies of republicans trans
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A “transgender” individual expressed their desire to turn the child of Republican parents “trans” using witchcraft on TikTok.

The recording is veiled in humor, but folks online have speculated this may likely be the true belief of the individual in the recording (based on several other liberals bragging about helping children question their gender and turning kids “queer”). 

“I think my most toxic trait is that I want to befriend Republicans so that they can have a trans friend. When they get pregnant or have a baby, I want them to invite me to a gender reveal party and convince them the way I become trans is like a witch came up to me, a transgender witch came up to me, and forced me to be transgender.” 

The individual continued, “and then I’m going to put my hand on the stomach before they pop the f*cking balloon and I’m going to go [gutteral screech]…your baby is now transgender.”

“I want to do it so bad, I want every old lady there to keel over and die, have a heart attack. Ugh, sounds like so much fun.”

The individual captured in the video is unknown at this time. The clip was posted by an Instagram account, “qringey”, which posts other videos from TikTok and Instagram Reels. 


There have been many videos of teachers and liberals being exposed for wanting to turn children LGBTQ or transgender. Recently, a teacher boasted about convincing a 3-year-old to question their gender. In Utah, a middle school teacher was placed on administrative leave after she bragged about turning kids “queer”. Liberals also planned a “sex camp” for children in rural Kentucky, which included teaching degenerate sexual acts to children. 

Photo credits: The Conversation

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