Non-Binary Biden Official Issued Arrest Warrant for Stealing Luggage… AGAIN!

A felony arrest warrant has been issued for Sam Brinton, an official at the Biden administrations Department of Energy (DOE), for allegedly stealing luggage from the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.  The grand larceny charge has the value of the stolen luggage between $1,200 and $5,000 according to the warrant. Grand larceny is […]

WHAT?! Liberal Says Naked Men Should Read to Young Children

liberal canadian defends naked men reading to children

In a stunning video, a liberal Canadian woman affirmed the worst aspects of the liberal worldview, saying naked adult men should be allowed to read to little children.  Anti-puberty blocker advocate “Billboard Chris” interviewed a woman in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In this interview, she expressed her true thoughts about the sexualization of children and […]

Colorado Gay Bar Shooter is ‘Non-Binary,’ Son of a Porn Star; Media Quiet

colorado shooter nonbinary son of porn star

More details have been released in the Club Q nightclub shooting last Saturday night, including the explosive fact that the alleged shooter identifies as “non-binary.” In court documents obtained by the New York Times, attorneys for the defendant requested the alleged shooter be referred to as “they/them.” Also in the documents, the attorneys refer to […]

Armed ANTIFA Members Defend Texas Drag Queen Event with Children Present

antifa leftists defend drag queen show in texas

A group of ANTIFA members showed up to a drag queen event in Roanoke, TX on Saturday. Carrying AR-15 rifles and wearing transgender pride flag patches, they created a perimeter around the event to defend it from “fascists.” “Fascists” in this case was a group of conservatives and Christians who have an issue with the […]

Biden Secretary: Kids Need “Empowering” Sex Change Mutilations

rachel lavine on msnbc making comments about kids gender affirming surgery

The Biden administration advocated for brutal sex “reassignment” surgery for children on Thursday. Biden Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine (formerly Richard) told an MSNBC host that kids needed to be “empowered” to have life-altering surgery as minors. “So, we really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these […]

WATCH: AOC Says Drag Queens Are “Patriots” in Bizarre Clip

aoc calls drag queens patriots

A stunning video of AOC calling a group of drag queens and transgenders “patriots” has been released by Apex World News.  Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sat in a circle around scantily-clad drag queens and lauded them for their “patriotism”.  “The people who change what people think are artists and drag queens, and let’s not forget who […]

Boy Scouts Go Woke, March in Seattle Pride Parade

seattle area boy scout troup marching in seattle pride parade 2022

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), a once traditional, conservative organization, has continued its liberal drift in a shocking new way over the weekend.  A troop of Boy Scouts was filmed carrying rainbow “Pride” flags during a Pride parade in Seattle, WA. The troop was applauded by thousands of liberal attendees as they marched by.  […]

WATCH: Maher Says “California is Creating” Generations of LGBT Kids

New Pew Research surveys reveal unnatural shifting levels of identification under the LGBT label. The new survey, which finds over 7% of the current American population identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, most notably shows massive leaps in identification for each generation. Here is a graph showing the increases per generation: While many on […]

WATCH: Transgender Wants to Use “Witchcraft” to Turn Republicans’ Babies “Trans”

transgender individual expressing their desire to turn the babies of republicans trans

A “transgender” individual expressed their desire to turn the child of Republican parents “trans” using witchcraft on TikTok. The recording is veiled in humor, but folks online have speculated this may likely be the true belief of the individual in the recording (based on several other liberals bragging about helping children question their gender and […]