Why Conservatives Should Reject the “Black Pill” at Thanksgiving This Year


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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If you follow national headlines or political news, even casually, you have a deep understanding of how bad things are right now. The Left is running up the score on the political scoreboard.  The country is being permanently and intentionally subverted by dark forces – and few people fully grasp the gravity of the situation. In ‘online’ political discussions, this eternal feeling of despair and hopelessness is called “blackpilling”.

The blackpill is a play on the famous Matrix movie “blue pill or red pill” dichotomy. In the Matrix, the “red pill” signifies being “aware” of reality, while the “blue pill” signifies being blissfully ignorant of life. “Taking the blackpill” means you not only see the horror of reality, but you also realize you have no ability to change the outcome. Complete inability to do anything, even in the face of civilizational collapse. Like screaming at a hurricane to stop. The hurricane will wreak havoc at will. There is nothing you can do to intervene.

Our enemies always seem to be making all the correct strategic moves. Immigration trends favor Democrat power, and they change laws and minds to keep the tap open. Public schools are infusing children with liberal gender ideology – leading nearly 40% of Gen Z to identify as LGBTQ. Black Lives Matter became one of the most powerful national institutions in 2020, with 67% support among U.S. adults – even with violent riots, burning, and looting. The Left seems to have unlimited economic and social capital and is on the cusp of a hundred-year liberal empire. Republicans, conservatives, and our allies fumble over themselves – cowering in the corner for fear of being called “racist”, “sexist” or “homophobic”.

President Joe Biden took power in January and launched political persecution of his opponents. Locking away misdemeanor trespassers in prison for months to be beaten by guards. He is attempting to enforce a federal vaccine mandate, even after being told by courts the move is unconstitutional. The Biden regime is weaponizing the FBI to go after concerned parents in public schools – for the crime of opposing the divisive Critical Race Theory.

This is the blackpill.

But there are glimmers of political hope.

Virginia elected the first Republican governor since 2014 in November – even in the face of unfavorable migration trends and voting “fortification” turning the state deep Blue. Gov. Elect Glenn Younkin did not shy away from hot-button cultural issues, he learned into anti-CRT and pro-parent rhetoric.

Kyle Rittenhouse escaped a political lynching in the state of Wisconsin and walked free of all murder charges.

Parents are waking up to the indoctrination of public schools and are either homeschooling or getting involved in their local school boards.

Texas virtually banned abortion after 6 weeks using a clever legislative tactic – a MASSIVE win for the pro-life movement.

Hope is a prerequisite for victory. The very act of believing you can overcome an obstacle aligns the focus of your life towards the action of winning. People who believe they will lose will lose. Reinforcing belief patterns is almost prophetic.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we must remember a forgotten aspect of gratitude: optimism. Optimism is less of a feeling and more of a choice. Pessimism is the natural state of the conservative because conservatives are trying to restrain an ever-progressing culture from the natural cycle of destruction. When society progresses, we give up a slice of what made our civilization successful.

There is an obligation to remain hopeful, even in the face of certain defeat. Simply by showing up every day wearing your team’s jersey and ready for game day, you give rise to victory. Sometimes you cannot see the forces at work behind your movement and all it takes is for you to have a change of attitude.

The pilgrims faced certain defeat over and over again. They sailed a ship 3,000 miles across an unforgiving ocean with the stench of illness and sickness permeating the wooded boat. They lost 45 of the 102 original Mayflower passengers during the first winter in the New World. People in the first encampment probably began to wonder “are we even going to survive? What is the point? Why should I even get out of bed?” But they remained steadfast in their goal to live in a new land with religious liberty to worship God. They celebrated the first Thanksgiving with grateful hearts, understanding that the intentional display of gratitude does something good to the souls of those who celebrate.

As we gather with family and friends over Thanksgiving, put the blackpilled thoughts away for the day. Articulate a sound, measured, and hopeful vision of the future if the subject of politics is broached. Most of all, give thanks to God for the Providential provision and unexplainable grace he has bestowed on our nation, even today in 2021.

4 Responses

  1. 70% of those polled in the US disagree with this failed admin of the Biden WH…This morning there was video of Biden at the lectern making nonsensical noises…Q&A was Biden literally running off the platform when asked about what was discussed between he and Xi…….This fraud in the Oval Office is a Xi finger puppet, I believe he will try and sell us out, just like he and his crackhead kid sold a cobalt mine in the US to the PRC…this is a very valuable tech resource, same as uranium which Sotero sold to the Russkies and VP joe and Hillary the crook were in on the sale….Corruption, in-your-face, no apology or explanation required…..

  2. I have not recalled a time in my life so far where things have changed so quickly and not for the good. To see values, our good values constantly challenged everyday sometimes every hour of the day depending what news channel you listen to.
    Our leaders in the United States Government (President) and social media tell lies so easily and outwardly to our face even when we the people know the truth. It is a twisted mind set. We have anarchy in the streets, radical agendas shoved at us it is a wonder sanity still survives inside us.
    I hope things get better and a light shine through this massive black cloud coving our country.
    I hope all of the people who hate America so much get sucked up into the black hole they have created go away…
    Time with family is important. Getting together reminiscing and enjoying what have. Happy Thanksgiving

  3. We need to keep voting and write e-mails and letters to our politicians. And tell them that you are Praying for them and their families and staff.
    And by all means Never STOP PRAYING 🙏!
    God can change the hearts and minds of All our leaders. So keep Praying 🙏🙏🙏!

  4. If only I could make my husband understand the reality of what is truly going on under the liberal Democrats. He won’t watch what is happening; thinks every new channel is the same (we who “get it” know they are not); thinks everything will be okay and we will survive all of this beat down crap they are preaching and doing. BUT he still thinks he is a conservative.

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