Fairfax School Board to CHALLENGE Youngkin’s Mask Ban

fairfax county school board 2022

The Fairfax County School Board, which represents the state’s largest school system, is proving obstinate against Governor Glenn Youngkin’s amendment banning mask mandates. Science has proven that most cloth masks are completely useless against COVID-19, and other studies show concern about the negative effect masking has on kids’ development. Still, the Fairfax board is continuing […]

VIDEO: Virginia Mother FORCEFULLY REMOVED from School Board Meeting

Wednesday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin DELIVERED on one of his top campaign promises, signing Senate Bill 739 into law, which bans school mask mandates by giving parents the choice to opt-out. This represents a huge step in the right direction for Virginia’s parents, who have fought so hard to see it through. Virginia’s dauntless mothers […]

WATCH: Virginia Mom SLAMS School Board with the FACTS About Mask Mandates (FULL CLIP)

virginia mom talking to school board

Last year during a Critical Race Theory town hall, Prince William County School Superintendent Dr. LaTanya McDade told Virginia mom Merianne Jensen that her hands were tied regarding mask mandates due to then-Governor Ralph Northam’s executive mask order. Earlier this week, Jensen returned to a school board town hall to lay out the facts about […]

WATCH: Illinois High School Student SHREDS School Board With Fiery and Witty Speech

Article originally published in Blue State Conservative This video is nothing short of amazing. This student is nothing short of courageous and impressive. Speaking only as a snarky teenager can, the Illinois high schooler gets the final word with her depraved school board and so-called leaders when it comes to masking, vaccination, and all things […]

South Carolina Parent Brings the Heat to Corrupt School Board: ‘NO MANDATE COMPLIANCE!’

Hidden in the recent news cycle are countless videos of dauntless Americans fighting back against COVID-19 tyranny, from vaccine mandates to ridiculous mask requirements. The most notable of these clips have come out of school board meetings, where parents are quite literally taking back their children’s educations. A South Carolina parent recently brought the heat […]

WATCH: Georgia HS Student SHREDS Power-Tripping School Board for Abusive Mask Rules

PJ Media columnist Stephen Kruiser said it best: “The mask/vax Nazis — as I am now fond of calling them — have been running roughshod over liberties, livelihoods, and common sense. They aren’t “following the science,” as they are so fond of saying. Rather, they’re following an almost sexual predilection for control. This isn’t a […]

WATCH: Nevada Parent SHOCKS School Board with HUGE Lawsuit

At a Clark County, Nevada school district meeting, a parent surprised board members with a $200M lawsuit for masking children, which is anti-science in the opinion of many doctors. The clip, originally posted to TikTok, has garnered millions of views online and surfaces right after Biden’s Justice Department, led by Attorney General Merrick Garland, labeled […]