WATCH: Georgia HS Student SHREDS Power-Tripping School Board for Abusive Mask Rules


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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PJ Media columnist Stephen Kruiser said it best: “The mask/vax Nazis — as I am now fond of calling them — have been running roughshod over liberties, livelihoods, and common sense. They aren’t “following the science,” as they are so fond of saying. Rather, they’re following an almost sexual predilection for control. This isn’t a massive public health effort we are witnessing; it’s a creepy fetish on a disturbing scale, often preying on the most vulnerable among us, like kids in public schools.”

Fulton County, Georgia is an excellent example of what Kruiser alludes to in that quote from his column earlier this week. In Fulton public schools, students are forced to wear masks 24/7, have isolated lunches away from friends, and can’t drink WATER during class.

Watch the high school student bring the school board through the torturous “day in the life” of a high school student in the public system:

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Across the country, kids and high school students are STILL dealing with the isolation that draconian mandates and COVID measures bring. In Connecticut, where the vaccination rate is extremely high, middle school students are STILL forced to eat lunch with plastic barriers between them:

It’s past time the COVID police ended their authoritarian mask and mandate measures. Everywhere mandates are still happening, parents and students alike need to protest and FIERCELY DEMAND changes.

These left-wing psychopaths don’t get to do this to our kids. And if they refuse to change course… there aren’t too many peaceful options left for Americans sick of the tyranny. Show your teeth.

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  1. UNITE, PEOPLE, UNITE! What the few fear the most is the many. But not if the few can lead the many into warring little factions that destroy themselves. Look at France. Italy. Britain. The people are banning together, regardless of politics, to regain their strength as the “many.” Why are American “many” not gathering en masse, regardless of politics, to demand that the few obey their commitment to serve the many? If we let this insanity go on any longer, the few will consolidate their control to the point of no return. Our “leaders” were installed by dark cabals to enslave the many. They are using every vehicle available to run their propaganda roughshod over every one of us, instigating “wars” between the “many,” subdividing us so the few have an easy route to rule. We are allowing this. And this needs to stop. UNITE, PEOPLE, UNITE.

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