BETTLE: President Trump is the Current & Future Leader Of the GOP, for a Few Simple Reasons.


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A spat between Republican leadership in Washington and in the media has broken out recently about the role of President Trump in the party going forward. Some want to move on, others do not.

It would be a generational mistake and political suicide to move on. Just take a look at the facts.

Unfortunately, for Republican leadership, it is not up to them. They are not our Kingmakers; We the People are at the voting booth. So far, according to recent polls of likely Republican voters, 54% want him as the nominee.

The number might well increase as the Biden Administration continues to create more republicans every day by the outright betrayal his supporters have seen. The Obama administration that led to the rise of Trump is back, only this time, it’s worse. 

As with many of his supporters, I like his brash style. It is real and my generation was raised in C.O.D. Xbox Live Chat Rooms. Would dealing with Trump’s brashness make me uncomfortable in situations? More likely than not, but that may be a normal thing when dealing with the most powerful people in the world. Plus, have you ever worked in places like a law firm or an investment bank? Those workplaces are not alone in this, but average Americans have more brutal conversations in day-to-day life than what the media claims vast amounts of Americans despised Trump said. Annoyed, maybe, but it got the job done. For numbers’ sake, at least 40% of the political population hated him simply for the (R).

These could be overgeneralizations, I concede that, but his high approval ratings in the Republican party and essentially being the presumptive nominee four years out, lend credence to his base of support going forward.

Especially when the approval ratings of those in republican leadership are compared. Those who have continued to support President Trump have high approval ratings compared to, say, Mitt Romney or Mitch McConnell.

Or Cheney. She received 68% of her vote. Then voted to convict and is now down below 30% approval. 

Polls are not always correct, but more accurate than not when the differences between the ratings are substantial, such as 50% or more. With the margin of error being 2-3%, Trump’s recent 77%, and McConnell’s 18%, it is clear who republican voters want to lead and have the party continue following. It is not a difficult job to ascertain from such numbers what policies and people the evolving Republican party wants. 

Sure, Trump has caused other republicans to defect ranks and either join the democrats or show their true colors. But these are not people we want in our party, anyway. The Republican party since President Trump has not been this truly conservative since Reagan. He is pretty much, to-a-T, following The Conscience of a Conservative by Senator Barry Goldwater who sparked the Conservative Revolution in the 1960s. Quick read; I read it once a year. 

Trump was effective at communicating it to not only the United States but the world. Even President Emmanuel Macron of France thinks leftism is too much. The last time France came to our defense was in 1774. 

From the recent destruction by the democrat media of Project Pedo…Lincoln, a majority of those who defected were either associated directly or indirectly with them. Or people like them. These are people who put ego or ignorance over conservative principles that—clearly—bring prosperity to all Americans. That is, they did not care if the plane crashes under Biden.

Good riddance, Rick Wilson, Jennifer Rubin, Joe Walsh, and the likes. 

How this would be a generational mistake and political suicide going forward is multipronged, but simple in explanation: demographics. Demographics is different from “diversity.” It has been reported that whites will become a minority in a generation and that we will be ever more of the melting pot that we sought.

That is a good thing because it is minorities who share conservative principles more so than the new-radical and globalist left. If the tides are changing drastically and the direction it is heading is conservative—it would probably be best for the most outright conservative in politics to head the party. 

Plus, all it takes is a look at the recent exit polls being released from the 2020 Election. President Trump received the largest majority of minority votes in history for a Republican President. More importantly, the largest increase ever for a Republican President in the minority vote as well. On top of that, he increased his share of women voters, too.

Clearly, he is not as racist and misogynistic as they claim. 

The party that gained the richest white male voters and also had the largest increase in that demographic? The Democrats. 

For all the hate Democrats throw at “rich white males,” they apparently are not looking in the mirror, because they are attracting a lot. 

This is not just my opinion, it is the opinion of the people in the Republican Party—those who representatives are supposed to represent

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