BETTLE: The Three Greatest Lies Ever Told


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Two of the three greatest lies that have been told to mankind throughout the centuries have led to much turmoil and many revolutions. Many of the great civilizations throughout time have fallen when they have succumbed to chaos. The Roman Republic is the first to come to mind. The third great lie has yet to play out to its logical conclusion, based on historical standards. 

One of the Greatest Lies ever told was that the Devil does not exist and there is no evil in the world. But that lie came from the Devil. He is not a man nor woman. People who have come to believe this lie live ignorant of the truth regarding reality. There is evil in this world, but it is not an inherent trait; it is a characteristic taught. And it is objectively recognizable by all

Another one of the greatest lies ever told was by man: that people are different than you; and that should scare you. The first part of that statement is not wrong, it is the second part of that statement wherein lies the fallacy. It is not a slippery slope to respond to things that scare you with violence; it’s the natural consequence of human evolution to respond to fearful stimuli with protective measures. What we respond with is based on our subconscious’s assessment of the threat and our effectiveness in responding to the threat with the tools we have at our disposal. 

It is justified to respond to unprovoked violence with violence; that is called self-defense. An inherent right enshrined in our Second Amendment rights. But differences of opinions are not violent. It is a competition of ideas. Sometimes some ideas are more superior than others, you can see the results from the implementation of separate ideas by studying history. Just because an idea is bad and we should not try it, or we want to debate about it, is not violent in and of itself. Take the loss like a champ. Get knocked down, get back up again. That is life. Our Founders were a lot more aggressive during debate than today, but they were united towards a common goal. And they at least debated. 

The answer to any counterargument regarding this: freedom is clearly superior to slavery; limited government is superior to one which encroaches on every facet of life like a parasite; capitalism is clearly superior to any other ideology we have already tried; the rule of law applies to all, not just some; deterrence is the best type of defense; and the world is better off when these ideas are enforced in America. We are, practically, the only nation in the world which upholds all of these. Our Constitution is the only one that guarantees our freedom of speech. That was a new idea. We did not get that one from the British. Speaking of foreign allies, France has recently come to the defense of American Patriots. That has not happened in a few centuries. 

The third greatest lie ever told is that Republicans, Conservatives, Trump, and his supporters are Nazis. I do not use the term Nazi lightly. Because to call someone a Nazi means to believe that they are genocidal towards certain populations; believe in socialism; want to wage war for territory, or breathing room (Sudetenland,) and resources; believe certain races are inherently inferior due to immutable characteristics; have a Brown Shirt citizen-led paramilitary terrorize citizens; and ignore security threats against the Capitol. Hitler did this because he believed he could use it to his advantage to take freedoms away and consolidate his power, for the low price of a little security, of course. It was not until decades later it was discovered to be a false flag. There is always a price to pay. 

Funny thing too, Hitler wasn’t President. The President made him Chancellor—the head of the Reichstag. 

Conservative Republicans, which are the foundation of Trumpism, confirmed by Senator Barry Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative—the book that sparked the Reagan Revolution— are none of the things that describe true Nazism. 

In fact, another party actually comes to mind. Do not be fooled by the major media’s sleight-of-hand. It is easy to call someone a Nazi and distract from the minor amount of people in power who are a lot closer to being a Radical Left Nazi. All you have to do is read a little bit of history to find that out. Conservatives are not the ones doing the 21st Century Book Burning, such as Nazis did during Kristallnacht

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