‘ESCAPE HATCH?’ Senator Mitch McConnell, 79, is Working on an Exit Strategy.


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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) appears to have implemented the beginnings of an exit strategy — or in the words of one Kentucky Republican, an ‘escape hatch’ — casting doubt on his currently-held Senate seat.

With a bill in the Kentucky legislature, McConnell is attempting to sidestep the powers of Governor Andy Beshear; as of now, the governor would hypothetically appoint a replacement senator. McConnell’s bill would give the state GOP the choice.

McConnell is 79, and another six-year Senate term could be a bit of a stretch health-wise, but many Kentucky republicans see this move as an unrelated legacy safeguard that also gives his successor the advantage of incumbency.

The longtime GOP leader has compiled a list of potential successors, including his protege and rising conservative star, Daniel Cameron. Cameron currently serves as Kentucky’s Attorney General and spoke at 2020’s Republican National Convention.

McConnell’s list also features former UN Ambassador Kelly Craft. Craft’s husband, a coal industry magnate, is one of the McConnell camp’s top donors.

Read The Intercept’s full report here.

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