Biden Tells Climate Heckler He Wants “No More Drilling” for Oil


biden says no more drilling to climate heckler
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During a Sunday rally for New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, the President addressed what was presumably a climate protest during his speech. As the protestor asked a question unintelligible to the camera audio, the President spoke: 

“No more drilling. There is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling.”

A long pause formed as both President Biden and Governor Hochul listened to the climate protestor’s response to his initial line. Then the President spoke again: 

“…that was before I was president, we’re trying to work on that and get that done.”

Biden has been unclear on his energy production philosophy as of late. On a recent campaigning trip to New Mexico, he complained the oil companies were not drilling for enough oil. 

Breitbart reports: 

“We haven’t slowed them down at all, they should be drilling more than they’re doing now,” Biden said. “If they were drilling more we’d have more relief at the pump.”

Biden’s record on energy has been one of both trying to please his climate activist base, while at the same time keeping the nation running on fuel without completely crashing the economy. 

Biden issued an executive order early in 2021 to pause new oil and gas leases – a decision that has been reinstated again as of August 2022 according to Bloomberg

He ended oil production leases in the Alaskan arctic refuge in June 2021. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge had been an area where Donald Trump expanded drilling in this area. 

Tucker Carlson reported last week that diesel fuel is projected to run out by Thanksgiving week. Thanks to the administration’s war efforts in Ukraine, the nation’s supply of needed diesel fuel is running dangerously low.

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