SATIRE | The Word “Patroning” IS Sexist

The famous (or infamous) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just came out on social media and declared that people are not patroning Chinese/Asian restaurants because of coronavirus-induced racism (DISCLAIMER: the correct word is actually patronizing, unbeknownst to AOC). People have responded with very proper indignation, but not indignation at what I consider the real issue.  As my brother […]

SATIRE: What Would You Do If You Had $500M to Blow?

So, I’m driving around the other day here in Florida listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio – and what do my tingling ears hear?  Oh my! It’s Michael Bloomberg again – the “Savior from Trump.” Mike’s going to “get it done” apparently; there’s no mention of what “it” is, so I’m left to assume […]

SATIRE: Your Guide to Dining With Leftists

So there you are – out to dinner with some friends, who have invited some of their friends that you do not know.  You are enjoying an appetizer and chatting with people around the table, when one of your friends’ friends says, “I sure hope that lying fascist Trump is not re-elected!” Uh oh – […]

SATIRE: Global Warming Forces Ski Resorts to Open Early for 2019-20 Season

Due to global warming, ski resorts were forced to open early for the 2019-2020 season all across America, especially in states like Colorado and New York. Joe Green, from the Socially Responsible and Environmentally Conscious Skiers, Snowboarders, Ski Workers, and Ski Resort Owners of Colorado (SRAECSSWAROOC) seemed very worried about the situation, saying: “With all […]

SATIRE: Are YOU a Deplorable? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

As the new year gets going, now would be a good time, especially in this presidential election year, to check your “deplorable status” to make sure you are sufficiently “woke” enough to make the right choices at the ballot box! Instructions: For each deplorable attribute below, put a checkmark next to the ones that apply […]