SATIRE: A Woke New World: Disney Songs Re-Written By Left-Wingers

Satire | Washington’s Bayonette Thank goodness—songs in Disney’s new, woke The Little Mermaid live-action remake has been updated to be less sexist and patriarchal and all that evil stuff.  “Kiss the Girl,” will now involve Ariel giving consent to be kissed—in case Ariel betraying her father and entire kingdom and selling her voice to a witch to chase […]

Faux Trump Response to Biden’s COVID-19 Diagnosis: “No One Wants Kamala!”

A fake press release from 45th President Donald Trump surfaced regarding President Joe Biden’s diagnosis of coronavirus, giving Twitter users a laugh. In his familiar style, the faked statement from Trump wishes Biden a speedy recovery, adding that Kamala Harris would be an even graver danger for America should the sitting POTUS become more incapacitated […]

SATIRE: Texas Finishes Northern Border Wall, Thwarts FBI, Kamala

Texas announced earlier today that it had completed the previously unfinished portion of the border wall. “We’re proud to have taken this vital step towards ensuring the safety of Texans,” the governor’s office said in a statement. Prior to completion, a steady stream of refugees had flooded the state’s northern border. “We feel great concern […]

SATIRE: Jesus Orders Leper to “Follow the Science” and Stay Six Feet Away

Editor’s note: In an effort to expand its coverage, the Rogue Review (RR) has sent a reporter back in time, with the purpose of recording important historical events.  Ancient Israel, early first century:  In my attempt to understand more about this time period, I have been following a young religious leader named Jesus as he […]

SATIRE: White House Repainted and Renamed to Fight Back Against Racism

The famed US presidential residence, the White House, has just been entirely repainted and renamed in Joe Biden’s ongoing fight against racism.  “The vice pr–I mean the president felt that it was necessary to make this move to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and as a decisive action against the white supremacist […]

SATIRE: Leaked Documents Show CDC Preparing a Condom Mandate for Americans

Previously unpublished documents leaked from the CDC show that they are planning to brief POTUS on combating a long-standing public health emergency that has been ignored for too long – sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). According to the CDC, there are 20 million new STD cases every year, and more than half of them occur in […]

SATIRE: Are You a Racist? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

We can’t be too careful nowadays – cancel culture lurks on every corner of social media, waiting with bated breath for the slightest misstep about gender, supporting the police, or the biggest gotcha of all – being a racist. So, as a service to my fellow countrymen and countrywomen, I’ve put together a little survey […]

SATIRE: Citizens Rejoice As Trump Announces Ban on New Twilight Book

It’s been a long time since fans of the Twilight books have fought over whether “Team Jacob” or “Team Edward” is better. Now, that debate may be resurfacing again. Earlier this week Stephenie Meyer announced via her website that she would be releasing her newest addition to the Twilight series, Midnight Sun, in August. The […]

SATIRE: Jesus Christ Cancels ‘Last Supper’ Amidst Pandemic

BREAKING NEWS: Our investigative reporter from the Jerusalem Dibah has just discovered that Jesus Christ, the wandering rabbi many have recently called the Messiah of Israel, has decided to cancel his exclusive Passover dinner this week, the Last Supper—due to restrictions imposed by the local Jewish and Roman authorities because of an outbreak of novel […]