Dr. Robert Malone Delivers POWERFUL Speech at the Lincoln Memorial: “Where There is Risk, There MUST Be Choice!” (FULL CLIP)


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Two weeks ago, Twitter suspended Dr. Robert Malone, a co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, after he tweeted a video that exposed issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trials and common adverse effects of the jab.

In recent months, Malone has ramped up pressure on Big Pharma, also making an appearance on the largest platform in the world – the Joe Rogan Experience – to discuss the vaccine and the war on alternative medicines like ivermectin. He has even recently opened up about his own personal adverse reaction story, which we reported on here. Since then, he has become a target of the left-wing and the globalists, but that has not stopped the doctor’s fight for medical freedom.

And Sunday, Dr. Malone’s long-planned “Defeat the Mandates” march on Washington brought over 30,000 patriots to D.C. to protest mandates. Unlike the Black Lives Matter riots that burnt down parts of the country, this protest was entirely peaceful and civilized.

Malone explained why he decided to organize the protest and take the mantle in leading this movement:

“On January 23, Americans fed up with COVID-19 mandates will descend on Washington, D.C., to protest mandatory COVID vaccination and the stigmatization of those who refuse the new and controversial shots.

This is not about being anti-vaccines; it’s about being anti-mandates, and our hope is that we bring people together.

People from every walk of life, every party, every religion, every ethnic background … The thing that we can agree on is personal liberty and the right of people to make their own choice.

So this is going to be part of a same-day, worldwide rally for freedom that’s going to come across the entire world,” he added. It will represent “no vaccine passports; no vaccination for healthy children; ‘no’ to censorship … we believe in the power of natural immunity; we believe and insist on informed consent.”

Sunday, Dr. Malone stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, flanked by several brave physicians, and delivered a powerful speech to tens of thousands of Americans who traveled to Washington DC to protest the vaccine mandates.

“If there is risk, there must be choice. This is the fundamental bedrock truth of modern bioethics. All medical procedures, vaccines, and drugs have risks. All of us have the right to understand these risks and to decide for ourselves if we willingly accept those risks. To deny this is to deny human dignity, ” he told the crowd.

“We will survive this and we will overcome these hardships,” he told them, adding, “So fight for your children!”


Dr. Malone wanted to emphasize that it is up to us to fight for our freedoms in America:

“We are a free people! And we have governed ourselves for almost 250 years now based on a constitution developed by self-reliant farmers, tradesmen, shopowners, and landowners. These forefathers rejected a foreign monarchy and oligarchy, and instead, created and fought for a political structure that remains an inspiration for the world.”


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