VIDEOS: Biden Can’t Go ANYWHERE Without Hearing THIS Explicit Chant from Americans


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King Joe Biden is finally getting a taste of the treatment Democrats gave his predecessor. 

As Biden landed in Long Beach California to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom (the man Californians elected to ensure that their streets would be filled with human feces and needles) a crowd of a thousand Trump fans sporting “F*ck Biden” signs awaited him, ready to boo and jeer.

He heard the same calls last week as he was doing a photo-op in an area affected by hurricane damage.  Tens of thousands have also been giving Biden an earful at sports venues across America, with “F*ck Biden” chants booming out at college football and MLB games so loudly that television announcers are unable to keep the sound off the air.

Here are a few clips from this college football season so far, starting with Coastal Carolina University:

University of Tennessee:

University of Alabama:

Here’s Biden getting booed and shouted at as his motorcade arrives in California (where he and his handlers worked to help Gavin Newsom in the recall election):

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I would worry about pro sports being no longer safe for children, except that they stopped being family-friendly when they went all-in on the left’s LGBT, race-baiting, and America-hating agendas. 

Meanwhile, the miserable traitor who just let thirteen American soldiers die in Afghanistan, constantly checked his watch as their bodies were being brought off a plane right in front of him, and then tried to change the topic by telling private employers that he would fine them $14,000 per violation if they didn’t force their workers take vaccines that the government now admits have killed thousands, was quickly whisked away to his campaign event.  Maybe Biden’s next stop should be China, five of whose spies his Department of “Justice” dropped charges against this summer. 

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To be honest with my fellow Americans (patriotic Americans, that is) I think we should continue these kinds of protests every time Biden shows his face, albeit that some of us will do so without the profanity.  Whenever we see Democrat officials and operatives out in public (not just Biden) we should let them know – loudly – what we think of dictators and traitors.  Don’t let them step out their doors without being made miserable.

Feel bad about that?  Remember when they told their voters to form mobs around elected Republican officials at restaurants and gas stations, or took pictures with a fake Trump head covered in blood, or burned down neighborhoods to protest “injustice?” What about when they ruined half of Trump’s presidency with a story about Russia that they not only knew was false, but had entirely made up?

I, for one, remember perfectly.    

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  1. I can only hope that this miserable man hears those chants in his sleep. Also the cries of innocent women being beaten in the streets of Afghanistan and the rest of Muslimland. The cries of seven innocent children being murdered by a drone his clueless complicit staff sent out to freelance..

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