FULL CLIP: Rogan Slams CNN’s Sanjay Gupta for Spreading Lies About Ivermectin


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Joe Rogan is the most popular podcaster in the entire country. His show is viewed or listened to four times as frequently as even popular network hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. And recently, he has been in the news for saying he takes ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning medicine used by many against COVID-19.

The left-wing media, specifically CNN – eager as always to turn their noses up to ‘common’ folk – ripped Rogan and the countless other Americans using ivermectin as a measure against COVID-19, labeling it “horse dewormer.”

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Rogan invited CNN’s in-house ‘medical expert’ Sanjay Gupta on as a guest in his last episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, and Gupta did not seem prepared for what went down. When Rogan brought up ivermectin’s efficacy and CNN’s lies about him taking the medicine, Gupta initially tries to be buddy-buddy with the host, brushing off his network’s dishonesty.

But Joe Rogan had NONE of it, absolutely grilling CNN and Gupta for allowing these lies to be broadcast. Watch the hilarious two-minute exchange here:

CNN and the left-wing media’s deliberate slander campaign against ivermectin is just another reason Americans are finding it difficult to trust their sources. Considering CNN was so terribly wrong about ivermectin, it is not surprising to see the country moving away from legacy media at a high rate.

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