Is THIS Biden’s WORST Sign of Cognitive Decline Yet?


biden shaking fist while talking
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President Joe Biden, now polling at record lows in the 30s, just had another devastating gaffe. However, you might not see it if you only watch mainstream news networks.

Over and over, the media has covered up strong signs of Biden’s cognitive decline, and this new embarrassment will not see the light of day on MSNBC.

In another huge blow to the White House’s much-protected public image of Biden, the President awarded a Vietnam veteran a Medal of Honor backward.

After the gaffe, and even after seeing the backward medal with his own eyes, Biden did not seem to notice or make any effort to right his mistake.


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  1. Because he isn’t. What IS a disgrace is that you follow a “Rogue Review” that purposely tells you lies. Since you don’t bother to watch or read real news, you don’t get that you’re being lied to. The rest of the world knows the truth. Too bad you don’t bother to know it yourself.

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