Why Hunter Biden’s Crimes Matter And Republicans Should Be Celebrating

Joe Biden’s son has now pled guilty to two counts of willful failure to pay his taxes and has all but acknowledged his guilt in a felony gun crime, having chosen to enter a pretrial diversion program to aid in securing a better deal with prosecutors. Republicans are reacting to this as one would expect […]

Senator Grassley Drops Bomb, Alleges Audio Recordings Can Prove Biden Bribery Scheme

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) revealed on the Senate floor this week that a highly credible FBI informant said a foreign national has recorded audio implicating President Joe Biden in an alleged $5 million dollar bribery scheme. These accusations from Grassley have built on the original allegation of the scheme, which was revealed late last […]

NEW: Biden Signs Radical Executive Order, Creating ‘Template For Social Credit System’ (DETAILS)

President Joe Biden signed a radical executive order to enforce ‘environmental and social justice’ for federal agencies Friday. The order enacts federal “scorecards” that will assess the social and environmental impact of government actions and “hold agencies accountable” for promoting so-called ‘equity.’ The Post Millennial reports: The order establishes a White House Office of Environmental […]

WATCH: Biden Thanks CHINA In Embarrassing Address To Canadian Parliament; Lawmakers Laugh

President Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled term this week when he addressed the Canadian Parliament Friday morning in Ottawa. In an address to lawmakers, President Biden accidentally thanked China instead of Canada for addressing the growing immigration problem affecting both North American countries. “I applaud China,” Biden started his remarks in front of a room […]