MAXWELL TRIAL: Epstein’s House Manager Describes Massage Rooms, Delivers SHOCKING Testimony. Here’s the Latest. (FULL TRANSCRIPT)


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US v. Ghislaine Maxwell continued on Thursday, most notably consisting of testimony from Epstein’s former house manager and driver, Juan Alessi. However, Dr. Lisa Rocchio (PhD., Rhode Island) also gave expert testimony of note relating to grooming and how victims of grooming process the aftermath. But it was Alessi’s comments, under oath, that are truly revealing regarding the case at its current stage.

Here are some of the major bullets before we get into testimony transcripts:

  • Alessi spills details regarding Epstein’s infamous massage rooms, which Alessi himself cleaned, finding and seeing all sorts of intriguing items.
  • Among those items? Pictures of a Pope and Fidel Castro.
  • Alessi talked Epstein’s black book, also going into the specifics of multiple girls, including Virginia Roberts, who he claims were underage, and their comings and goings at Epstein’s Palm Beach palace.

Let’s get into the testimony, live-tweeted once again by Inner City Press, which kicks off with Dr. Rocchio’s short-lived time on the stand:

After Rocchio went into grooming, the environments that lead to it, and the long-term impacts it has, the courtroom broke for a period. Soon enough, Juan Alessi, Epstein’s longtime house manager and personal driver took the stand.

Here is his testimony, which will be broken up into pieces and explained throughout the article:

“Wexner” mentioned above is Les Wexner, close friend of Epstein and one of the wealthiest donors of The Ohio State University in Columbus. Assistant United States Attorney Maurene Comey then circled the subject to Maxwell, right before a break in the action. Read:

Maxwell’s isolating style and domineering fashion were put on full display by Alessi’s comments above. After the jurors broke for lunch, things got rolling again as Alessi was asked to described Epstein’s sprawling Palm Beach home:

Alessi confirms that Epstein and Maxwell shared a bedroom, but had two separate bathrooms in the massive mansion. Next, AUSA Comey asked Alessi about the pool at the house, getting a bizarre answer that confirms testimony from earlier this week about frequently topless women. Then, Alessi is asked to discuss Epstein’s island, Little St. James, and Maxwell’s London home, which he confirms he has been to.

In the selection above, AUSA begins to delve into Exhibit 6060 — a book described by Alessi as a housekeeping tool for Epstein’s property:

Alessi then talks about Epstein’s infamous black book, which Comey peculiarly seems to balk on quickly before turning back to the housekeeping booklet.

He then noted seeing at least two underage girls, describing one in detail as ‘beautiful’ and ‘pleasant,’ and also mentioning Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a well-known and public accuser of Maxwell, Prince Andrew, and Epstein. Read:

AUSA Comey kept Alessi’s attention on phone books discussed earlier and massages, which would become the major subject of the latter half of his testimony.

Right after Maxwell’s defense objected, things began to get very specific and revealing regarding the massage rooms of Epstein’s home. Alessi says that Maxwell personally gave him ‘exotic oils’ to provide to the rooms, also spilling details about the many odd items he would find within.

So… that happened, according to Alessi. And finally, Alessi described photos he saw in the house showing Epstein and Maxwell with people of importance. Among those named are Trump, The Pope, and he thinks, infamous communist Fidel Castro.

That does it for this round of testimony transcript. Obviously, there is quite a bit to digest here, and we will make sure to keep you updated on the newest information and testimony as it comes. While Alessi’s initial questioning from the prosecution opens eyes and delivers some interesting looks inside Epstein’s Palm Beach home, Friday’s cross-examination from the defense should be even more intriguing to read through.

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