WATCH: Conservative Activist Alex Stein Mocks Antifa at NYC Drag Queen Story Hour Protest


alex stein protests nyc drag queen event at public library
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A New York City ‘drag queen story hour’ event was protested by conservative activist Alex Stein on Saturday evening with members of ANTIFA present in the crowd.

The event was reportedly being held at the NYC Public Library. No information could be found online for this event, although there is a library of information available on the subject on the library’s website.

Stein showed up to the event to support other activists protesting against the children’s event. 

Stein could be seen on his own camera recording mocking ANTIFA and calling out New York City for allowing children to take part in the drag queen story hour event.

In a second video published by Viral News NY,  Stein could be seen holding an iPhone with a selfie stick, apparently recording himself. At the beginning of the video, Stein was yelling at NYPD officers guarding the event. 

“Ya’ll are defending these people. In New York City letting children have drag queens read to them. That’s disgusting. You guys should be disgusted with yourselves. That’s sexual indoctrination. Why would a kid need to know anything about sex?” 

As Stein finished his sentence, a passer-by held up his middle finger at Stein, to which Stein replied, “you can flick me off. I’m saying someone answer me that question.” 

The crowd began chanting, “Leave the kids alone. Leave the kids alone. Leave the kids alone.”

Alex Stein is an conservative activist and comedian who focuses on social and family issues in the public arena. He is known for using expressive tactics and language to drive his underlying points. Rogue Review reported on his tactics of heckling Congresswoman AOC at the capital over the summer. 

Drag queen story hour has become a topic of hot discussion and debate throughout the nation. In August, armed ANTIFA members kept conservative protestors away from a Texas drag event. Children could be seen at this event with adults performing in skimpy outfits and cash being handed to the performers in stripper-like fashion. Internationally, liberals have defended this behavior, with one Canadian saying naked men should be able to read to children.

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