WHAT?! Liberal Says Naked Men Should Read to Young Children


liberal canadian defends naked men reading to children

In a stunning video, a liberal Canadian woman affirmed the worst aspects of the liberal worldview, saying naked adult men should be allowed to read to little children. 

Anti-puberty blocker advocate “Billboard Chris” interviewed a woman in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In this interview, she expressed her true thoughts about the sexualization of children and the appropriateness of things like drag story hour. 

The liberal woman launched her defense, “How is a human being dressing how they wanna dress sexualizing anything? It’s a human body. Why is that a sexual thing?”

Should naked men be allowed to read to children?

Should naked men be allowed to read to children?

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A second interviewer holding the microphone asked a follow up question, “So, you think adults should be able to wear whatever they want around children? G-strings and….?”

The woman responded, “Sure! Sure. Canadians are really up tight. Why not? It’s a human body.”

Billboard Chris asked the final follow up question, “Should we have naked men reading to little kids?”

“Sure! It’s a human body” the woman replied.

The identity of the woman is unknown at this point. 

Twitter users responded to the original posting in horror.

While gender ideology is championed among liberals in the West, it’s stunning to get such a blatant defense of impropriety and (arguably) pedophilia on camera. It’s difficult to know if the woman is defending outright pedophilia because the interviewer did not explicitly ask about sex between adults and children (which she likely would deny). 

What is known is that the woman believes the removal of “sexualization” from the “the human body” means all things are appropriate between adults and children – including a naked man reading to children. The hypothetical “naked man” is an allusion to Drag Queen Story hour, in which a scantily dressed man (dressed as a woman) reads story books to children in order to normalize gender “nonconformity” . 

The interviewer, Billboard Chris, advocates against gender ideology and campaigns against the use of harmful puberty blockers in children. According to his Twitter bio, he travels North America to “expose gender ideology and why children cannot consent to medical transition.”

He is the father of two children and resides in British Columbia. His website can be found at billboardchris.com

screenshot of billboard chris website
Screenshot of Billboard Chris website

The pushing of traditional boundaries regarding impropriety between adults and children is an ever-growing marker of liberal ideology. In the United States, armed Antifa groups defended a Texas drag queen event with children present. (Yes, even in the reddest of states, drag queen events are allowed).

A sitting United States representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, even said she believes drag queens are “patriots”

Gender confusion is even foisted on children from the highest levels of the American government. In August, the Biden Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine said children need to be “empowered” by having life-altering sex-change mutilations

Photo/video credits: Billboard Chris on Twitter

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