PELOSI: House Dems Performed ‘Better Than Expected’ in the Election, Despite Losing Seats


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a press conference on Friday that the Democratic Party, specifically House Democrats, did much better than expected and got 2 million more than President Trump, and House Republicans. 

At a press conference Friday in Washington, Speaker Pelosi stood next to a board that said,  “House Democrats 75,495,518, House Republicans 72,109,414, and President Trump, 73,701,667.” Pelosi said, “Everybody turned out it was great vict- a mandate.” 

Pelosi forgot to point out that Democrats saw their majority shrink to 222-213 in the House, along with losing several battleground states. As the Daily Wire noted, 27 House seats that were considered “Toss-ups” went to Republicans, severely limiting the amount of Democrats Pelosi could lose on the floor to only four on House legislation. 

The Republicans were successful running a campaign against the far-left’s puzzling playbook of defunding the police and supporting groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

Republicans were also successful in the Senate, winning ‘unwinnable’ seats like that of Susan Collins of Maine who was down six percentage points in the last polls before her election in Maine.

The Democrats can still win the majority of the Senate if they win the two Georgia special elections to be held in early January.

Democrats placed heavy emphasis on this election cycle, especially in the Senate, where they hoped to overtake Republicans so they could pass a far-left wing agenda, which includes 1) ending the electoral college, 2) Making D.C and Puerto Rico states, and 3) getting back into the Paris Climate deal, just to name a few of the agenda items they said they hope to get out of 2020.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer made his parties’ goals clear at a November 3rd Election party, saying, “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world, now we take Georgia and then we change America.” 

The Democratic Party has long viewed the electoral college a hindrance to their long-term political successes, as the reliably blue states of California and New York give them a certain popular vote victory cycle after cycle.

The two special Georgia elections are set for January 5, 2021. 

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