BREAKING: Arizona Gubernatorial Race Called for Democrat Katie Hobbs

election called against kari lake

In a long, drawn-out Arizona electoral process – the race has finally been called by Decision Desk HQ against Republican Kari Lake. Democrat Katie Hobbs is projected to win the Arizona governorship after all the ballots have been tallied. The decision was made at 8:50 pm eastern time. At the time of this writing, an […]

New Poll Gives HUGE Lead to MAGA Superstar Kari Lake

karie lake vs katie hobbs in arizona

A new poll released by Fox 10 and InsiderAdvantage shows Republican Kari Lake leading Democrat Katie Hobbs by 11 points, a huge swing for Lake in a race that was already trending in her direction. Kari Lake received 54% support in the poll, with Hobbs receiving 43% support. According to Fox 10, only 2% of […]

Respected Polling Firm Predicts BIG Wins for Republicans in Midterms

The Real Clear Politics (RCP) polling staff now projects that Republicans will gain three Senate seats in November, with Democrats taking net zero Senate seats.  A new map released recently shows Nevada, Georgia and Arizona pulling toward the Republicans – something the experts have wavered on in recent months. Republicans are projected to hold Pennsylvania, […]

AZ Democrat Gov Candidate REFUSES to Debate MAGA Star Kari Lake

kari lake vs katie hobbs

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs is refusing to debate rising Republican star and gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake.  The Hobbs campaign issued a statement through campaign manager Nicole DeMont, saying, “…debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake – whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule […]

LOL: Biden Supporter Arrested Outside Arizona Trump Rally (FULL CLIP)

Since the 2016 Election, Trump Derangement Syndrome has gripped the minds of thousands of liberals, bringing them into an irrational and perpetual state of insanity. Even now in 2022, radical liberals are still dealing with TDS, and at a Trump rally in Arizona this weekend, a lone Biden supporter took to thievery to let out […]

NEW Maricopa County Footage Shows Officials Breaking Multiple Election Laws (DETAILS)

We The People AZ Alliance has released new footage from the Maricopa County Elections Department that shows clear evidence of election law violations by county officials. The video below displays a sign in the staff break room that says, “Staff Break Room electronic devices allowed in this area only.” In the next frame, a man walks […]