NEW Project Veritas Clip Exposes RINO Candidate: “[Republicans] Should All Be Thrown in Prison” (FULL VIDEO)


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Time and time again, conservatives across the country have been used by weak Republican candidates to get elected. On the campaign trail, we see one thing: an America First fighter. But in D.C., we see the reality of the candidates we donate to and vote for on election day… weak, spineless opponents of REAL conservative values. That’s what a typical RINO – or Republican In Name Only – looks like nowadays.

But Alex Stovall isn’t just your typical RINO. He is a full-blown actor willing to trash the people who support his campaign while speaking with his own staffers. Luckily, Project Veritas is working to expose such filth in our party.

A brand new undercover Project Veritas clip exposes this RINO on STEROIDS running for national office in Arizona. Alex Stovall, running for Congress in Arizona’s 9th district, is an Army Reservist per his Twitter profile. Stovall has run as an America First candidate, backing President Trump to elicit donations while trashing him and other prominent right-wingers behind closed doors.

Stovall takes shots at pretty much anyone who calls themselves a Republican, dishing shade at Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Madison Cawthorn, everyday conservatives, and even Candace Owens.


As you can see, Arizona and America dodged a bullet here. And Stovall isn’t just your average candidate grifting for money and fame. He had fully infiltrated conservative circles, befriending Candace Owens, and was even on deck to be a speaker at the “America Fest Mixer” alongside America First champions such as Paul Gosar and Willie Montague:


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