Biden Tells Climate Heckler He Wants “No More Drilling” for Oil

biden says no more drilling to climate heckler

During a Sunday rally for New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, the President addressed what was presumably a climate protest during his speech. As the protestor asked a question unintelligible to the camera audio, the President spoke:  “No more drilling. There is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling.” A long pause formed […]

Diesel Fuel in America Projected to Run Out Thanksgiving Week

flying j truck stop diesel fueling station

Diesel fuel is one of the backbones of American energy, supplying a core piece of our nation’s supply chain. The Biden administration’s war efforts in Ukraine have drained the diesel fuel supply in this country dangerously low, to the point where diesel fuel is projected to run out the Monday before Thanksgiving.  In a late […]

SCOOP: Saudi Arabia Confirms Biden Tried to Postpone Oil Cuts Until After Midterms

biden meets with saudi arabia crown prince on oil

The Biden administration has attempted to get Saudi Arabia and OPEC+ to postpone oil cuts until after the midterm elections, according to a release by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  On Tuesday, Joe Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper that there would be “serious consequences” for Saudi Arabia “for what they’ve done with Russia” – referring […]

Buttigieg: “Pain” of Higher Gas Prices Is a “Benefit” (VIDEO)

buttigieg solution to high gas prices EVs

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took high gas prices and proclaimed the “pain” we’re experiencing as an advantage for those who own electric vehicles. “The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles.” Secretary Buttigieg often uses electric vehicles as […]

Is THIS the White House’s WORST LIE Yet?

biden press secretary comments on best economy

Biden’s press secretary took to the White House podium to launch a defense of Joe Biden’s economy on Thursday.  Karine Jean-Pierre, who was recently promoted after the resignation of Jen Psaki, said the economy of the United States is actually stronger than ever before.  >> Join Americans in DEMANDING Biden reopen the Keystone XL pipeline.  […]

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Calls for Biden’s Impeachment

tucker calling for biden impeachment over oil

In a fiery monologue, Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for President Joe Biden to be impeached over sending oil to foreign countries, amidst skyrocketing domestic fuel prices.  Agree with Tucker? Sign a petition to impeach President Joe Biden here. “In late March, in an act of desperation, Biden did maybe the worst thing that […]

New Poll Spells DOOM for Democrats as Americans Struggle

woman thinking about cost of biden gas prices, looking concerned

Americans’ #1 and #2 concerns are inflation and gas prices, according to a Monmouth Poll released Tuesday.  Biggest concerns for Americans according to this poll:  Inflation – 33%Gas Prices – 15%Economy – 9%Everyday bills, groceries, etc – 6% Abortion, reproductive rights – 5%Guns, gun ownership – 3%Health care costs – 3%Job security, unemployment- 3%College tuition, school […]

REPORT: White House Preparing for MASSIVE Gas Price Increase

drivers waiting for gas

A recent CNN article spilled the beans on the circumstances Biden economic officials are privately preparing for: $10 per gallon gas right before midterms.  Phil Mattingly, a senior White House correspondent, described the analysis of…

Biden’s 3 WORST Excuses for High Gas Prices (VIDEOS)

biden pointing at high gas prices

Since Joe Biden took office in 2020, the average price of gas at the pump has doubled. In many cases, Democrats are proud of high prices. They believe these prices will cause drivers to choose expensive electric vehicles over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.  Joe Biden used three terrible excuses for high (and rising) gas prices caught […]

Gas Rationing Coming to U.S. States?

As gas prices continue to rise throughout the country, U.S. lawmakers, specifically Democrats, are pushing the possibility of giving the public $300 stimulus checks. [RELATED: White House Preparing for $10/gal Gas in October] In states like California, where gas is close to $6 per gallon, there are legitimate fears of full-on gas rationing if rates […]