THOMAS: What The Next GOP President MUST Do: ‘They Ban Us, We Ban Them’


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A high-pitched whining noise constantly emits from today’s Democratic Party. When I stop to listen, words like democracy and fairness can be discerned, though conspicuously absent are the key supports for those ideas — freedom of speech, religion and press.

They are happy to ban those tenants of America.

The fundamental reason Republicans lose so often is that Democrats play for keeps and Republicans play to win the Miss Congeniality award. Democrats have (among other things):

  1. Moved to ban gas-powered cars and gas stoves
  2. Changed voter demographics by illegally opening the border
  3. Purged the military of conservatives (via vaccine mandates and woke officer training, such as the teaching of critical race theory at West Point)
  4. Weaponized the FBI and Department of Justice and used them against Republican officials and voters
  5. Used public schools and colleges as indoctrination camps
  6. Used the courts to stop state and local governments from promoting Christianity
  7. Banned their opponents from social media

In response to all of this, Republicans wag their fingers and solemnly swear that they would never use their positions to push their personal values. As a result, the public has come to think that Republicans are either weaklings or ashamed of what they believe.

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What the next president and current Republican majority in the House must do is use the authority voters give them in the same way that many Republican governors are starting to; they must use it to do good and stop their opponents from doing evil.

For example, lawmakers in Wyoming, including state senator Dan Dockstader, have actually proposed legislation that would ban electric car sales there. While this might be “unfair” to electric car manufacturers, it’s necessary to help stabilize the automobile and petroleum markets. California and Virginia have both moved to ban the sale of gas-powered cars, which means auto manufacturers will switch to all-electric fleets to serve those huge markets unless there are markets that won’t accept electric cars. Likewise, no one is going to invest in petroleum unless they know there is a market for it.

Similarly, Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) has promised to ban the teaching of critical race theory in his state. Is this ideal for the promotion of free speech? It is not. But in most public schools, many teachers and nearly all teachers’ unions have shown that they cannot approach the topic unbiasedly.

They will teach CRT as gospel to the students entrusted to them unless they know they will be fired for bringing it up. Perhaps a future generation can handle it more maturely, but we have to live in the present reality.

Then there is Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) whose myriad of accomplishments include removing Disney’s nearly unfettered right to run its theme park as it sees fit — run it, in fact, as an actual government entity. Disney decided to appease the woke mob by speaking out against a Florida law stopping schools from discussing sexuality with kids in 3rd grade and under, so DeSantis took away their special status. Disney, of course, was outraged at being put on the same level as everyone else, but that’s too bad.

We must apply this hardball philosophy to winning political battles in general.

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The manufacture and use of solar and wind power generators have been shown to be terrible for the environment and highly inefficient, so ban them (ten counties in Ohio just did exactly that in an effort to avoid being bullied by “environmentalists”).

Soldiers discharged for refusal to take the vaccine should be rehired and put in charge of the people who fired them. Republicans should also take an officer’s beliefs about socialism and communism (among other things) into account when on deciding who will lead our troops.

Illegal immigration shouldn’t just be stopped, illegals who are already here should be unceremoniously deported.

People who are true patriots should be put in charge of every aspect of the FBI and DOJ.

Abortion should be banned and punishable by a serious prison sentence for any doctor performing it, and if a state chooses to have exceptions for the life of the mother (which is understandable), the exceptions need to be carefully regulated because Democrats will find doctors who insist that every abortion any woman wants is necessary to her health.

If Antifa or BLM commit acts of terrorism in order to advance their political agenda, they should be treated as terrorists and targeted as part of the global war on terror.

Lastly, Republicans should unabashedly promote Christ. I guarantee that they won’t get anywhere without him.

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  1. One small correction, the FBI needs to be totally ended, dissolved, obliterated. If they want to establish a new national police force ( bad idea) then they should completely start over and build a new on, fbi is compromised beyond repair. It oh! Someone’s knocking on my door

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