VIDEOS: Left-Wing Radicals Storm Tennessee Capitol, Shove Police Officers In Violent Insurrection


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Rabid left-wing protestors stormed the Tennessee state Capitol today once again, leading to chaotic scenes showing the insurrectionists shoving state troopers and taking over the legislature floor.

The insurrection stems from outrage over legislation that banned drag queens from “performing” – or twerking – on young children at events in the state.


Throughout the insurrection, rioters took to the legislature floor to chant their support for sexualized drag queen shows for toddlers at lawmakers, who were still in the assembly.


“No action, no peace,” the lemmings shouted, echoing the “no justice, no peace” chants commonly repeated during the ‘Summer of Love’ in 2020, when Black Lives Matter mobs burnt American cities and small businesses to the ground across the country.

The latest left-wing insurrection comes just days after a ‘transgender’ biological female shot up a Christian school in Nashville, murdering three young children and three members of the school’s faculty.

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2 Responses

  1. After a crowd of mostly mentally ill people called for “vengeance” while showing themselves on social media posts being heavily armed, a group of them stormed the TN capitol with little to no consequence. Must have been one of those mostly peaceful protests.

    Note to self, wear dress and high heels to next insurrection.

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