WATCH: Two Conservative Commentators Lead By EXAMPLE, Give FIERY Speeches at School Board Meetings


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Conservatives — and concerned parents along the political spectrum across America — have made a good habit of showing up to school board meetings to protest a myriad of issues pertaining to their children.

Among these issues are critical race theory, vaccination mandates, and forced mask-wearing in classrooms… all day long. And while many influencers on the right have complained online, few have actually stepped foot in the meetings with their fellow parents.

… until this past week.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh and Outkick the Coverage founder Clay Travis both showed up and actually stepped up to the microphone. And in doing so, they created a great example for other Republicans to follow.

Walsh has been with the Daily Wire for a while now — becoming one of the publication’s most popular and infamous personalities. Travis on the other hand got his start in sports and has meandered his way into the political sphere over the past couple of years, teaming up with Jason Whitlock at Outkick.

Both have had their fair share of critics, but that has never stopped them from standing up for what’s right before, and after watching these two clips, we’re glad they’re on our side.

Here, Matt Walsh can be watched SHREDDING his district’s school board with the real science:

In this clip, Clay Travis absolutely tears apart the RIDICULOUS virus guidelines being forced on our kids. He also leaves viewers with a simple call to action: show up to your own school board and make some noise.


Travis also shared an incredible video showing a massive crowd outside the school board meeting in Franklin, Tennessee:

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