Ken Burns Compares Tucker To NAZIS For Releasing THESE January 6 Tapes, Which DESTROY The Mainstream Narrative (VIDEOS)


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Monday evening, Tucker Carlson dropped stunning, never-before-seen footage of the January 6 Capitol breach, and the videos completely disintegrate the mainstream narrative regarding the event.

More below on the videos Tucker shared. But first, let’s check in on the folks over at CNN.

American filmmaker Ken Burns, who produced the popular documentary series “The Civil War” (1990), wildly claimed on newly-demoted host Don Lemon’s CNN show that Tucker Carlson is like the Soviets and Nazis for releasing the tapes. Seriously.

Burns’ statement on the January 6 exposé came during a monologue attacking Ron DeSantis, who is also similar to Nazis and Stalinist fascists, according to the clearly delusional and once-venerated filmmaker.


In one of the ‘fascist’ clips exposed by Carlson, the “Q-Anon Shaman,” who was famously photographed on the Senate floor, can be seen being guided through the Capitol halls by Capitol Police officers.

The man in the clip above, Jacob Chansley, is currently serving a 41-month sentence in prison for his involvement in the event… which was facilitated by Capitol Police officers… who he THANKED in the video Tucker showed.

In another video, Tucker proved that Brian Sicknick, the Capitol officer who the media relentlessly claimed was “beaten” to death by Trump supporters, was alive and well in the Capitol after the time of his widely-alleged “beating” … and the January 6 committee knew it.

Tucker will likely release many more clips in the coming days and weeks after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy transferred thousands of hours of footage to the Fox News host.

The videos released so far only further prove that the corporatist D.C. machine, blindly served by hard-left-wing media puppets, has no problem lying to the face of every single American citizen.

These people lie to you. These people hate you. These people want you to hate one another, so you can’t see the real fight – the class war ordinary Americans need to be fighting. Thankfully, you probably already know that if you’re reading this.

Our publication launched J6: The Real Stories in 2022, on the one-year anniversary of the event, to shed light on the harrowing tales being told by prisoners in D.C. gulags and expose the January 6 committee’s divisive narrative. A number of those stories are linked below.


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11 Responses

  1. My guess is Burns planned a new documentary around Jan 6th- that project just went to hell. This guy should be elated that Jan 6 was not a day equivalent to the Civil war, Pearl Harbor, or 911- hey, how about a documentary on hoaxes driven by hateful, destructive people who reside in US Government’s highest offices?

  2. I used to look up to Ken burns…but if he expects America’s ideals to change into the heathen practices of so-called “diversity”- he really does not know or care about the REAL history of America. We were founded on Christianity and the founding fathers found that this faith was essential for democracy and this Republic to continue. Everything the “diversity” cult is desiring, is the advancement of their anti-Christian principles. (ie: grooming of young children to see man/man and women/women relationships as the norm….the library story time with Drag Queens telling our children gayness is OK -those who read the Bible and trust in God’s Word understand that this is a sinful practice.) Ken Burns is going to lose a lot of money when the public sees this ludicrous interview. I will NEVER…EVER watch another Burns series. I hope he repents of his evil lies and distortions.

  3. Ken Burns has been hijacked. This once promising great among the pantheon of legendary filmmakers is now but a tool being used by the anti-American legion bent on destroying America. KoolAid is irresistible to those who thirst for relevance.

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