SALGADO: How DC And China Murder Hundreds Of Americans With Opioids Every Day

Based on the most recent statistics (2021), 292 Americans died of drug overdoses — mostly fentanyl —every day.  That’s appalling.  We have a terrible drug crisis on our hands, particularly affecting young people, and the Biden administration’s border policies are making the problem worse.  But since when were Democrats (or establishment Republicans, for that matter) interested in solving […]

HOLCOMB: On Libertarianism From The High Seas

There have been quite a few discussions recently online surrounding the resurgence of the 2003 film Master and Commander. While movies like Pirates of the Caribbean got all the box office acclaim and numerous sequel movies, the story behind Master and Commander has taken on a life of its own, particularly in today’s political climate. […]

THOMAS: Stocks Drop, Banks Go Bust — Inflation To Soar

Banks Killed Bush, But What About Biden? If Joe Biden isn’t privately panicking over the two recent major bank failures, he really is the worst leader in U.S. history. While nearly 100 banks with a billion dollars or more in assets have failed in the last 50 years, the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank […]

‘The Only Free Road:’ Black Heroes Who Freed Slaves Through The Underground Railroad

“The only free road, the Underground Railroad, is owned and managed by the Vigilant Committee. They have tunneled under the whole breadth of the land.” — Henry David Thoreau February is called “Black History Month,” but in typical leftist fashion Democrats often celebrate corrupt individuals like Marxist Malcolm X and Barack Obama rather than black […]

HOLCOMB: Traitors They Were Not

➡️ Opinion column written in response to UNTOLD TRUTHS: War Crimes of the Confederates and Post-War Democrats I was dismayed when I read a recent column by Catherine Salgado entitled “UNTOLD TRUTHS: War Crimes of the Confederates and Post-War Democrats” where she falls for the common post-war liberal consensus about Right vs. Left in light […]

EXCLUSIVE: Gates Foundation Gave $127M To Pfizer In 2022

Column | Washington’s Bayonette Exclusive: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which aggressively pushed the Covid-19 vaccine and is tied to Communist China and vaccine scandals, donated over $127 million to Covid vaccine maker Pfizer in 2022. The Gates Foundation website lists three multi-million dollar grants to Pfizer Inc., one from 2016 (for $17.25 million) and two […]

The Myth Of Neutrality & The Argument For God In Government

I work as a producer for a local talk radio program that is also a part of the iHeart Radio network of podcasts, and I have listeners call in all the time. I could write a book about the things people feel comfortable sharing with me.  Oftentimes these listeners are calling to comment on whatever […]

UNTOLD TRUTHS: War Crimes of the Confederates and Post-War Democrats

What do you think of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis?  What is your opinion of the Confederacy?  Whether you think Lee a noble, principled hero or the worst of villains, I guarantee you there is history you do not know about him and Davis.  Whether you have fallen for the Confederate myth or the […]

THOMAS: What The Next GOP President MUST Do: ‘They Ban Us, We Ban Them’

A high-pitched whining noise constantly emits from today’s Democratic Party. When I stop to listen, words like democracy and fairness can be discerned, though conspicuously absent are the key supports for those ideas — freedom of speech, religion and press. They are happy to ban those tenants of America. The fundamental reason Republicans lose so […]