New Poll Shows Youngkin Gaining HUGE Lead Over McAuliffe

A brand new Fox News poll shows Republican Glenn Youngkin up EIGHT points on Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race. The poll is the latest installment in a series conducted by Fox News surveying likely voters in the Commonwealth. The latest results are a shocking development as Republicans have become energized by sexual […]

Trump, DeSantis, and History: Why It’s Too Early To Take Sides

Before anyone can take sides in the Trump-DeSantis 2024 contest, DeSantis has to announce that he’s running. In 2014, then-congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) assured the world that Mitt Romney “actually is going to run for president [in 2016] … and I think he will be the next president of the United States.” In the months […]

THOMAS: What The Next GOP President MUST Do: ‘They Ban Us, We Ban Them’

A high-pitched whining noise constantly emits from today’s Democratic Party. When I stop to listen, words like democracy and fairness can be discerned, though conspicuously absent are the key supports for those ideas — freedom of speech, religion and press. They are happy to ban those tenants of America. The fundamental reason Republicans lose so […]

Oregon Governor’s Race Quietly Turned to TOSS-UP by Top Forecaster

The race for the Governor’s seat in the “deep blue” state of Oregon has shifted from “likely Democrat” to “toss-up” according to the non-partisan Cook Political Report, a politics handicapper that continually boasts high-quality election forecasts. The race features three candidates competing to take over the Governor’s mansion as incumbent Kate Brown, the current Democrat […]

US Army is Teaching West Point Cadets Critical Race Theory

Following an investigation by Judicial Watch and Fox News Digital, it has been revealed that West Point is teaching incoming cadets lessons based on the Critical Race Theory curriculum. Critical Race Theory, or CRT as it has become known, has become a hot-button topic at local school board meetings and in news cycles. The revelations […]

How Dems Are Meddling in GOP Primaries in Virginia, Colorado

Super PACs became a mainstay in American politics after the ruling of Citizens United v Federal Election Commission in 2010. Since that decision, Republicans and Democrats alike have taken advantage of Super PACs, or independent entities that may raise an unlimited amount of capital from corporations, unions, and individuals without coordinating directly with the parties […]

HUGE for VA: Another MASSIVE Company Bringing Jobs to the Commonwealth

Wednesday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced another big-time win for the Commonwealth. The LEGO Group is investing $1 billion to make Virginia its home base for American manufacturing, bringing nearly 2,000 new jobs to the state. LEGO is the largest toy corporation in the entire world. Youngkin Press Secretary Macaulay Porter took to Twitter to […]

VA GOP Claps Back at Democrat State Senator on Twitter

Tuesday, Virginia State Senator L. Louise Lucas (D) took to Twitter to look back on growing up in racist times in the state, using her experience as an opportunity to attack Glenn Youngkin’s anti-indoctrination policies. “I am only two years younger than Emmett Till. When I started work at the Shipyard they still had “colored” […]

DEVASTATING Polls Cloud the Future of Biden’s Crisis-Ridden Presidency

Following the release of several polls over the last couple of weeks showing President Joe Biden below 40% approval, several Democratic lawmakers and party officials have begun expressing doubt over whether Biden can, or should, run for re-election in 2024. Democrat party loyalists are deathly concerned about a potential “red wave” in the upcoming midterm […]

ANOTHER Big Company Announces Move to Red Virginia

Just weeks after aerospace juggernaut Boeing announced plans to move its headquarters to Virginia, defense contractor Raytheon Technologies is now also making the move. This is another win for the Commonwealth under Governor Glenn Youngkin‘s administration. WTOP News reports: Big defense contractor Raytheon Technologies will relocate its corporate headquarters from Waltham, Massachusetts, to Arlington, Virginia, […]