VA Democrat Official Indicted for Election Fraud on 82 Felony Counts

A Virginia Democrat official has been indicted on 82 total felony counts for committing election fraud and embezzlement in Buchanan County. Trey Adkins, Knox District Supervisor for Buchanan County, has been charged with the following:– 34 counts of False Statement – Election Fraud– 11 counts of Absentee Voting Procedure Violation – 8 counts of Public […]

Virginia Republicans SLAM Abortion Mobs at SCOTUS Justices’ Homes

virginia republicans slam abortion mob

In recent days, radical pro-abortion mobs have descended upon the personal homes of Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts, and Sam Alito to protest a leaked Roe v Wade opinion draft that would overturn the landmark decision that enshrined rights to infanticide. The riots, described as “scary” by reporters, are a direct and transparent […]

Virginia GOP Releases Statement Endorsing Democrat Chair’s Re-Election

In the 2019 election, Virginia Democrats wiped the floor with the Commonwealth GOP, taking back both chambers of the state legislature. Ralph Northam, who was not on the ballot in 2019, was also Governor in Richmond. 2019 signaled a sharp change for the state’s political landscape following 8 years of near-total Republican control in the […]

Another HUGE Win for Parents’ Rights in Virginia

glenn youngkin standing by flag

Tuesday, the Virginia Republican Party took to Twitter to celebrate the passage of a new bill that requires schools to notify parents if they assign sexually explicit reading to kids in Commonwealth classrooms. The bill now heads to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s desk, where it will most certainly be signed and executed into law. Youngkin’s polls […]

VIDEO: Virginia Mother FORCEFULLY REMOVED from School Board Meeting

Wednesday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin DELIVERED on one of his top campaign promises, signing Senate Bill 739 into law, which bans school mask mandates by giving parents the choice to opt-out. This represents a huge step in the right direction for Virginia’s parents, who have fought so hard to see it through. Virginia’s dauntless mothers […]

Fairfax Teachers Union Prez: High COVID Numbers are “GOOD NEWS” for Mask Requirements

VIRGINIA – Fairfax County’s Teachers Union President Kimberly Adams reportedly shared a post to Facebook saying that high COVID-19 cases are “good news” so the county can justify restrictive mask mandates. The post, now deleted, was shared to Twitter by the Fairfax County Parents Association’s official account: “Well the new ‘plan’ is out,” the union […]

Lt. Gov Winsome Sears Uses High-Heel to Gavel the Senate After “Prankster” Stole the Gavel

Virginia’s newly-elected Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears famously stole the show at Glenn Youngkin’s election night party with her genuine and bright disposition, and according to a report from Fox News, Sears has once again brought her quick wit to the spotlight. Fox News reports: Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears reportedly used her high-heeled patent leather pump to gavel […]

Loony Loudoun County Principal Threatens Maskless Kids with Trespassing Charges (AUDIO)

Loudoun County, Virginia has served as ground zero for the fierce education battle in America since the onset of the pandemic in a plot pitting wildly liberal administrators against angry parents the federal government considers “domestic terrorists.” Parents’ rights were even the major wedge issue that turned the tide in the 2021 election of newly-inaugurated […]

NEW: Biden Admin Approves Plan to Use State Relief Funds to Promote CRT (DETAILS)

biden administration using state relief funds for critical race theory

U.S Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona recently approved a plan to allow for New York State to use Federal Funds it received from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to promote the controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT) statewide. New York State’s Education plan, known as the “Empire state’s Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief plan,” is federally […]