REPORT: Barack Obama Prep in LA is Vaccinating CHILDREN Without Parental Consent (DETAILS)


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The COVID-19 vaccine has become a religion for left-wing sycophants across the country, and they’re showing their true colors. The left’s impulsive need for control and power over people is seen especially clearly in their push to vaccinate EVERYONE, despite the science saying it does not stop transmission of the virus. At all.

Unfortunately, they’re even pushing the jab on children. And in some far-flung liberal dystopias like Los Angeles, they’re forcefully vaccinating kids at school. This is exactly what is happening at the Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy, according to parents.

Local California station NBC4 has covered the accusations, interviewing one parent of a 13-year-old who says he was pressured into getting vaccinated on the spot. The worst part? The school told him not to tell anyone.


Here’s a separate segment on the event, which goes into even more detail about the situation, which should concern ALL American parents.


Liberals have proven their mob-like insanity time and time again, but this crosses a totally new line. After Virginian parents flipped a blue state on its head this year, you would expect the Democrats to focus on appeasing parents regarding schools.

But no. The left is doubling down on its collective fall to total lunacy, and they will reap the consequences in the 2022 Midterms.


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